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Human psyche has been studied both in the west and in the east. Western psychology is analytical and is based upon analysis of the human mind. It is a study of the mind by the mind. Mind has been considered as an object of study similar to a material object. In the east mind is seen as non-substantial, a process, not a thing. Western psychology has failed to solve human problems of misery and despair.

For the Eastern mystics transcendence of mind is the goal to dissolve misery and despair. It is going beyond mind's activities. Through various meditation techniques one understands how to transcend the mind and go in a state of no-mind. It is in a tranquil and a quite state when there is no thought, not a ripple, the existence or God is reflected. One is transformed and transported into a totally different space or dimension where there is no misery, no darkness. It is in this state that the world of misery gets dissolved. The answer lies therefore not in solving the problems of the human mind but to reach to a state where the mind itself dissolves.

Osho's contribution to the world of mysticism is unparalleled. He has brought back to life all the previous mystics and saints and made it understandable to us in today's language.He is a Master Par Excel lance.

Osho Satpriti Meditation Centre provides guidance and help to those who want to explore mind, its negativities, and are interested to enter into the inner space of no-mind.

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Uttar Pradesh
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