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the 2014 "cover"
the 2019 "cover"

A bio-bibliography

Of all the books about Osho, the Osho Source Book is certainly the most hefty, the most systematic and -- if such a thing is possible -- the most objective.
Where this Wiki can be seen as a timeline and a database, the OSB narrates a story. The story of Osho's life as a book-lover, a writer of letters, a public speaker, and an influencer.
Then, especially in Volume II, the OSB quotes hundreds of books by other authors, describing how they met, experienced and were touched by Osho.
The Osho Source Book has a unique approach, and it is a work in progress. It is a "bio-bibliography", about both Osho and his books, including not only the hundreds he "authored" but taking a good look at the thousands he read too. In the course of his 25-year pilgrimage, the author, Sw Anand Neeten, spent countless hours in Osho's library and interviewed hundreds of sannyasins and others associated with Osho's work and visited places all over North India to see source documents. And -- a daunting mega-project in itself -- he read and digested all the literature, all the books for and against that had been written about Osho.
In May 2014, Neeten uploaded OSB's first Volume as an "author's uncut version" to make available to the public the part on the up-till-then least documented period of Osho's life and work, before he moved to Pune in 1974.
The enthusiastic reception he got for this pilot project encouraged him to do the same with OSB's 2nd and 3rd Volumes, which he uploaded five years later.
This "author's uncut version" is still unfinished as of Oct 2019; the work of organizing, collating and boiling down the raw data is ongoing. It's all at the link below, eminently readable and immensely enjoyable.
Pierre Evald, Associate Professor of Library Science, Denmark
See the table of contents for an impression of the magnitude and scope.


The whole publication is at www.oshosourcebook.com in 3 volumes :
Osho Source Book

table of contents

The Osho Source Book use this terminology: Volumes (I-III) - Parts (One-Ten) - Sections (numbered) - Subsections (unnumbered).
Volume I (1931-1974) Gadarwara. Jabalpur. Bombay.
Scope and Limitations
Research Method
Field Surveys
Primary Sources
Secondary Sources
Part One - Raja Rajneesh - 1931 – 1951 Kuchwada and Gadarwara
1.0 Birth and Childhood in Kuchwada 1931 – 1939
1.1 School Days and Early Youth in Gadarwara 1939 – 1951
School Days in Gadarwara
Gandhism and Socialism
1.2 Spiritual Traditions
Indian Saints and Mystics
1.3 Early Steps of a Bookman
Reading and Book Collecting
Use of Public Library and Own Library
Part Two - Acharya Rajneesh - 1951-1970 Jabalpur
2.0 Jabalpur
2.1 Academic Studies in Jabalpur and Sagar
Settling in Jabalpur
Activities and Pleasures
Studies for M.A. in Sagar
2.2 Enlightenment in Bhanvar Tal Garden
2.3 Reading and Book Collecting
2.4 Academic Libraries in Jabalpur
2.5 Lecturer and Ass. Professor of Philosophy
2.6 Religious Conferences
Taran Jayanti & Sarva Dharma Sammelan
Second World Hindu Religion Conference
2.7 Teaching and Traveling
Debate and Controversy
Hardship of Traveling
Power of Speech
On the Road
2.8 First Printed Booklets
Virgin Prints
Sadhana Path (Path of Self-Realization)
Kranti Beej (Seeds of Revolutionary Thought)
Jeevan Jagruti Kendra
Sambhog Se Samadhi Ki Ore (From Sex to Superconsciousness)
Samajwad Se Sawadhan (Beware of Socialism)
Books on Acharya Rajneesh
Audio, Radio, Photo and Video
2.9 Letters, Manuscripts and Articles
2.10 Periodicals
2.11 Meditation Camps
2.12 Leaving Jabalpur
Part Three - Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh - 1970-1974 Bombay
3.0 Bombay
3.1 Arriving in Bombay
3.2 Woodlands Apartments
Laxmi, Chinmaya and Vivek
3.3 Neo-sannyas in Kulu Manali
3.4 Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh
Individual Work
Kirtan Mandali
3.5 Reading and Book Collecting
Library in Woodlands
3.6 Discourses and Publications
Listening to Bhagwan
Outdoor Lectures
Evening Discourses
3.7 Meditation Camps
Mount Abu camps
3.8 Westerners and Publications in English
I Am the Gate (1972)
Editing and Reading Bhagwan
Books on Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh
3.9 Periodicals
3.10 Letters
3.11 Leaving Bombay for Poona
1. Timeline. Osho’s Life and Work in India.
2. Lectures and Discourses 1964-1974: A Record
3. Early tape-recorded Lectures
4. Manuscripts
5. Collection of long-playing Records etc.
6. Autobiography of a Spiritually Incorrect Mystic
7. Osho’s Life. An Anthology of Osho’s Life From His Own Books
8. Discourses and Books on Indian Spiritual Traditions
9. References to Selected Topics
10. Books I Have Loved
11. Letters and Diary
12. Extremist of Study and Great Lover of Books. Chapter 9
13. Activities of Neo-Sannyas International
14. Indian and International Quotes and Comments on Osho
Bibliography 1945 – 1974

Volume II (1974-1990) Poona One. Oregon. World Tour. Poona Two.
Part Four - Poona One - 1974 – 1981
4.0 Koregaon Park, Poona
4.1 Moving to Poona
4.2 The Making of a Buddhafield
Organizing the Ashram
Therapy Groups
4.3 Lao Tzu Library
4.4 Osho’s Reading
4.5 Discourses in Chuang Tzu Auditorium
4.6 Discourses in Buddha Hall. English
Listening to Osho in English
4.7 Discourses in Buddha Hall. Hindi
Listening to Osho in Hindi
4.8 Darshans in Chuang Tzu Auditorium
Initiation Darshans
Blessing Darshans
Energy Darshans
Part Four Continuation - Poona One - 1974 – 1981
4.9 Reading Osho
4.10 Publishing Poona Editions
Darshan Diaries
4.11 Audio-Visual Media. Photos
4.12 Books on Osho
Core Biographies
Contemporary Works
Rajneesh Foundation Publications
Selected Later Publications
The Sound of Running Water
4.13 Periodicals
Rajneesh Foundation Newsletter
Sannyas Magazine
4.14 Satsang in Buddha Hall
4.15 Leaving for the United States
Part Five - Oregon 1981 – 1985
5.0 Rancho Rajneesh, Oregon
5.1 Moving to USA
The Castle in Montclair
5.2 Settling in Oregon
Rancho Rajneesh
Cultivating and Constructing
Osho in Silence
Drive-by and Rolls-Royces
Daily Life
5.3 Library and Reading
Rajneesh International Meditation University (RIMU)
Academy of Rajneeshism
5.4 Discourses in Lao Tzu House
5.5 Discourses in Rajneesh Mandir
5.6 Press Interviews in Jesus Grove
Press Coverage
5.7 Reading and Listening to Osho
5.8 Publishing
5.9 Audio-Visual Media. Photos
Part Five Continuation - Oregon 1981 – 1985
5.10 Books on Osho
Core Biographies
Contemporary works
Later Publications
Research Papers
Rajneesh Foundation Publications
This very Body the Buddha This very Place the Lotus Paradise
The Book of Rajneeshism
5.11 Periodicals
The Rajneesh Newsletter & Rajneesh Times
Bhagwan Magazine
5.12 Organizational Upheaval
Politics and Crimes
Sheela Leaving
5.13 Osho Arrested in Charlotte
Incarceration in Secrecy
Threats to Life
The Vatican Connection
5.14 Leaving for Delhi and the Himalayas
Part Six - World Tour and Bombay
6.0 A World Odyssey
6.1 Returning to India and the Himalayas
6.2 Talks in Kulu Manali, Himachal Pradesh
Leaving for Nepal
6.3 Talks in Kathmandu, Nepal
6.4 Talks in Agios Nikolaos, Crete
Deportation from Greece
6.5 Passage Denied to Europe
Switzerland, Sweden, England, Ireland
6.6 Talks in Punta del Este, Uruguay
6.7 Onwards to Jamaica and Lisbon, Portugal
Resolutions and Legal Acts
Visa Applications Stalled
6.8 Returning to Bombay, India
6.9 Talks in Sumila, Bombay
6.10 Publishing and Editing
Audio-Visual Media
6.11 Books on Osho
Other Comments
6.12 Periodicals
6.13 Returning to Poona
Part Seven - Poona Two - 1987-1990 (In progress.)
7.0 End Game in Poona
7.1 Returning to Poona
Nightly Intrusion
7.2 Remaking the Ashram
Daily Life with Osho
7.3 Osho Lao Tzu Library
On Reading
Paintings and Signatures
Osho Research Library
7.4 Reading and Listening to Osho
7.5 Discourses in Chuang Tzu Auditorium
Western Mystics
Zen Masters Bodhidharma and Ta Hui
Mantra series
7.6 Discourses in Buddha Hall Auditorium
Discourses on Zen and Zen Masters
Last Discourse: Sammasati
7.7 Publishing
Rajneesh Verlag and Rebel
7.8 Photos, Audio, Video and Digital Media
Video and TV
Information Technology
Part Seven Continuation - Poona Two - 1987 – 1990 (In progress.)
7.9 Books on Osho
Some Principal Works
Publications on Osho
Autobiography (2000)
The Song of the Ocean (2010)
The Philousia of Existence
Press Coverage
7.10 Periodicals
7.11 Name Change to Osho
7.12 Declining Health
Organizational Change
7.13 Meetings, Satsang and Meditations
The Last Namaste
7.14 Mahaparinirvana January 1990
Appendix Volume II

Volume III (1931-1990) References. Bibliography. Sources.
8.0 References
9.0 Bibliography
10.0 Sources (In progress)
1. Libraries and Archives
2. Digital Resources
Core Websites
Other Websites
3. Lectures and Discourses 1964-1990
4. Periodicals: Osho Periodicals
Newsletters, Newspapers and Magazines
5. Periodicals: General Newspapers and Magazines
Articles on Osho 1974-1990
6. Audio. Cd
7. Podcast. Radio
8. Music. Songs
9. Video. Dvd. TV
10. Films
11. Photos
12. Sales Catalogues: Books, Audio and Video
13. Forthcoming Books
14. Press Releases and Fact Sheets
15. Manuscripts
16. Academic Research on Osho in India
17. Chiropractic
18. Numerology
19. Astrology