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Osho Source Book is a unique approach to books about Osho, and it is a work in progress. It is a "bio-bibliography", about both him and his books, including not only the hundreds he "authored" but taking a good look at the thousands he read too. In the course of this 25-year pilgrimage, the author, Sw Anand Neeten, spent countless hours in Osho's library and interviewed hundreds of sannyasins and others associated with Osho's work and visited places all over North India to see source documents.
In May 2014, Neeten uploaded some of it as an "author's uncut version" to make available to the public the part on the up-till-now least documented period of Osho's life and work, before he moved to Pune in 1974.
This "author's uncut version" is readable and immensely enjoyable, but not yet polished or boiled down, so there is some repetition and a bit of chaos. As of Jan 2017, Neeten is still gathering info but also preparing the rest of this magnum opus for publication, organizing, collating, boiling down the raw data. The "finished product" is slated to be ready for publication possibly in 2018. Stay tuned and meanwhile, get yer preview now, link below.
Sw Anand Neeten


OSB-1-1974.jpg       no hard copy edition yet but the part on Osho's early life is online.
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