Osho in Span Resort Manali (1985)

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still 00m 00s.
An ultra short and obviously non professional black & white video clip without audio showing Osho in the Span Resort during his Manali stay 1985. Osho sits in a chair besides a snowy environment.
So this must have been some time after 17 November 1985.
Sw Satya Anuragi adds: This was shot by some media person who had come to interview Osho in Manali. This clip was also relayed on national television. The quality was poor even then.
A bit better quality of a part of this footage is seen in Osho Now News (video magazine)#Osho Now News - December 1990.
0:41 min



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OshoFilmArchive catalog no : OFA00,324


Received via Sw Nishabd Chaitanya.

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