Path of Self-Realization ~ 00

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event type writings
date & time 1964?
location unknown
language English
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shorttitle PWAY01
This is apparently a text written by Osho (specially for Path of Self-Realization ?) not (from) a discourse. The rest of that book consists entirely of a translation of Sadhana Path (साधना पथ).
It ends with 2 paragraphs from an editor) :
Path of Self-Realization (1966) : Prologue, title: "Path of Self Realization" :
A Sadhana-Shivira (spiritiual camp), where he gave vent to these ideas, was organised in the calm surroundings of Shri Muchala Mahavira, near Ranakpur, Rajasthan from 4th June to 8th June 1964. The purpose was to be benefited by the life and thought of Acharya Shri. This camp was the first of its kind, and the organiser was Shri Hiralal Kothari. He has been good enough to offer this compilation to us, which, in turn, we are presenting to you.
Path to Self Realisation (1971) : Prologue, title: "Path of Self Realization" :
With these words of invitation from Acharya Rajaneesh we present you with this collection of his immortal thoughts.
He gave expression to these thoughts during his talks to the Sadhana Camp held at Shri Muchhala Mahavir, a quiet and secluded place near Ranakpur in Rajasthan, from 4th to 8th June 1964. In order that people might profit by the Company of the venerable Acharya. The camp was organised by Shri Hiralal Kothari of Udaipur4. This was the first camp of its kind. It was through his courtesy that we got the text of these talks which we hereby extend to you."
This talk has neither sutras nor questions.