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In January 2015, Sw_Anand_Deepen related about this musical:
Before Peter Pan, there was an American swami, who played trumpet and who was in charge of making music with the ashram, and with children who went to school in Boat Club Road. He asked me to join him and play keyboard with the kids. After a while, the idea came up to make a sort of a musical with them, so Alice in Orange Land was born. We played it for the parents in Boat Club Road (I don't think it was ever recorded). This was such a success that we were asked by the ashram to create another one. This would involve the music department which had just been created and the English Shakespearean actors who had just performed a Shakespeare play in Buddha Hall. I was told by Lakshmi that Bhagwan had asked that I wrote the music. Such a blessing for me !
So that became Peter Pan. As far as I remember, this was first performed 1 or 2 times in Buddha Hall, then 2 or 3 times in a theater in Bombay.
I wrote the music. The words of the song and the text of the play, I think, were a common task by the people involved
As for the musicians, I remember the names of:
Sw Vedam, flute
Sw Prem Sambodh, tabla, percussion
and me on keyboard.
The others, I don't remember their names, though I can still see their faces:
There were 2 swamis from Holland, professional classic players, on Oboe and Clarinet,
the guy who plays tenor sax was a young german swami,
the one who plays drums was from somewhere in South America,
the strings were played by Indian sannyas from a Bombay orchestra.
Yes, those kids were so good. Great singers and great actors. I am sorry I don't remember their names. I wish we had a video of the full show, they were so beautiful !
Unfortunately everything was recorded with one mike, and in many places the voices are not loud enough.
A few years later, I came to Oregon for a festival, and I heard some kids that I didn't know sing We Are the Pirates. I was very touched.
After Peter Pan, I was asked to replace Sw Prem Vandan on keyboards, for another musical - it was called Hollywood Musical Night - that was also played in the ashram. Apparently there is a record of it.
Just after Bhagwan left for the USA, I played with Swami Somesh and other musicians for Satsang for about 2 months. Some pieces were my compositions. I think this was recorded on tapes, but I don't have them. The Dutch Swamis (?) that played oboe and clarinet in Peter Pan also played with us. It sounded beautiful. I had a magnificent grand piano.

The heartbreaking story of Gyana, one of the kids that performed Peter Pan.
Peter Pan gets another mention...

Sw Anand Deepen (music)
Peter Pan team (lyrics)
Costumes and set design
Ma Deva Padma
See above in Deepen's account
Probably April 30, 1981 in Bombay.
Deepen: "As far as I remember, it was first performed 1 or 2 times in Buddha Hall, then 2 or 3 times in a theater in Bombay. It must have been in 1980 or 1981."

Tracks - full length

01 Peter Pan Ouverture 0:53
02 The Flight to Neverland 0:40
03 Tinkerbell Appearance 1:11
04 Peter Pan Interlude1 0:37
05 We Are the Pirates + Crocodile 4:35
06 Peter Pan Interlude2 2:04
07 Red Indians Dance 0:49
08 Red Indians Song 1:01
09 Victory Song 1:21
10 Wendy's Song 2:02
11 I Won't Grow up - Peter Pan's Song 1:36
12 Bye Peter + Yes Bhagwan Yes 2:59



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