Prem Chinmaya - The Right Time to Go (1980)

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Mentioned in the Chidvilas video list as "VC061" :
"On June 11, 1980, Sw Prem Chinmaya left his body. This video film records the joyful farewell by his friends, from the ashram where he lived to the burning ghats where he finally became a "light to us all".
Bhagwan's discourse about Chinmaya’s death, given the following morning, June 12, is available on videofilm as PREM CHINMAYA: THE RIGHT TIME TO GO (VC061)."
So this must be (part of?) the video of discourse Tao The Golden Gate Vol 1 ~ 02, at least with q.2.
June 12, 1980

see also

Death of a Beloved Disciple (1980), the film of the death-celebration on June 11, the preceding day of this discourse.