Press Conferences ~ 06

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event type interview
date & time 29 Oct 1985 am
location Mecklenburg County Jail,
Charlotte, North Carolina
language English
audio Missing, possibly available.
online audio
video Available, duration 0h 2min (parts). Quality: good.
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shorttitle PRESS06
It seems there was another interview with unknown woman before interview with Nightwatch TV.
Parts are available on videos: Osho's Arrest (1985), ABC Nightline - Prison Interviews (1985).
Published in book form in The Man of Truth, ch.14 (in 2008).
1993 tapes-jacket: interview with Bhagwan from Charlotte jail (on Nightwatch TV).
CD-ROM on this chapter: Interview with Peter Sant(?), Nightwatch TV, USA.
The Man of Truth, ch.14 on this chapter: Peter Van Sant, Nightwatch, CBS-TV, United States.
(It seems there is missing at least one question)
Question 2
You're saying that you were unaware of the sealed indictment....
Question 3
If you didn't know about the indictments, why did you leave the commune in the manner that you did? People are saying that you in a way secretly left.
Question 4
You want to leave?
Question 5
Where would you go?
Question 6
You mean go back to India?
Question 7
Are you saying then that regardless of what happens in terms of these charges against you, you will leave the United States?
Question 8
By deciding to leave, aren't you giving in?
Question 9
Isn't the other side winning?
Question 10
Do you feel that that is someone's ultimate goal, is to see you dead?
Question 11
If you were convicted on this thirty-five-count indictment and were to receive the maximum sentence, you could face a possibility of one hundred seventy-five years....
Question 12
Bhagwan, you have been accused in these indictments of setting up phony marriages so that foreigners who are members of your commune can stay in the United States.
Question 13
Do you arrange marriages?
Question 14
How would you characterize them, these indictments that have been made against you?
Question 15
Would you say then that the government has... has a vendetta against you?
Question 16
If I may ask one small question. What will become of that community? Will it be... when you leave will it be bulldozed, will it.... Will it be as though it was never there?
Question 17
One last question if I may. Do you have any message for your followers out there who undoubtedly are going to be surprised and possibly a little shocked at your announcement that you will leave the country? What do you have to say...?


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