Rajneesh: The Mystic of Feeling

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Ram Chandra Prasad M.A., Ph.D. (Edin.), D.Litt. (Pat.), Professor & Head of the Department of English, University of Bhagalpur.
Published earlier as Acharya Rajneesh: The Mystic of Feeling (1970), by the same publishers and with the same subtitle. The author is a friend of Osho and academic from Jabalpur and the book is one of the earliest about him. See discussion for a TOC and other stuff.



Rajneesh: The Mystic of Feeling

A Study in Rajneesh's Religion of Experience

Year of publication : 1978
Publisher : Motilal Banarsidass
ISBN 81-208-0891-6 (click ISBN to buy online)
Number of pages : 239
Hardcover / Paperback / Ebook : H (there is also a paperback edition)
Edition notes : 2nd Revised Edition: Delhi, 1978. © Motilal Banarsidass.
Printed in India by Shantilal Jain at Shri Jainendra Press, Bungalow Road, Jawahar Nagar, Delhi-7, and
Published by Sundarlal Jain for Motilal Banarsidass, Bungalow Road, Jawahar Nagar, Delhi-7.
Dedication: TO MAHIPAL, a fellow-traveller