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Rajneesh Services International Limited was registered in the United Kingdom between Apr 1982 and Sep 14, 1987. Its Entity No was 01631346.

It was incorporated by two British solicitors, Anthony John Hanson (Sw Prem Anthony) and Christopher Kirk Scott (Sw Anand Neerava).

Chairwoman was Sally-Anne Croft (Ma Prem Savita). Also on the board of directors were Maria Gemma Kortenhorst (Ma Prem Arup), Urs Birnstiel (Sw Dhyan Dipo, Zurich), Gertrud Cordes (Ma Latifa, Köln), John Joseph Shelfer (Sw Prem Jayananda) and Susan Wallach (Ma Yoga Sushila).

RSI operated several subsidiaries in Germany, the Netherlands, Australia and the US. One US subsidiary was the Rajneesh Financial Services Trust.

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