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the whole ranch

Places, work departments, etc

Note that here, "Rajneeshpuram" refers the the Ranch as a whole, not just the areas (temporarily) incorporated as a city under the laws of Oregon.

At the Ranch, the main mode of participation with Osho was work. Visitors, especially during Celebrations, might come for meditations or groups or courses at Rajneesh International Meditation University (RIMU), but the main emphasis was on work. There was a city to build, a desert wasteland to green, etc.

Due to the particular circumstances of the time -- Osho in public silence, Sheela running everything -- the pattern of this work developed certain social characteristics, about which more elsewhere. Here we will merely note that work was called "worship" and workplaces (departments) "temples". This terminology will crop up occasionally but not be a prominent feature of how the wiki presents this part of sannyas history.

This list was initially compiled by Ma Anand Bhagawati & Sw Deva Bodhena. Please note: this is a work in progress, additions and corrections do happen.

Please tell us your additions and corrections.

See also Rajneeshpuram phone directory (source document), images of all twelve pages!


the big picture

"downtown" and nearby, detail map
name notes
City of Rajneesh Temporary name for Antelope (09/84 - 11/85)
Rancho Rajneesh
"The Ranch"
Entire property formerly known as the Big Muddy Ranch (top map)
Rajneeshpuram The incorporated parts of Rancho Rajneesh, consisting of the central "downtown" and nearby areas**, Desiderata, and Gautam the Buddha Grove. Map right covers perhaps 3% of the whole ranch and shows locations for many of the place names below.

local areas

name notes
Alan Watts Grove Quadruplexes (A hotel before we had Hotel Rajneesh - see Rajneesh Mountain Cabins)
B-Site Osho's home (Ranch jargon)
Desiderata Trailer Homes Residential
Gautam The Buddha Grove Proposed site of "new city"
Heraclitus Grove Trailer Homes Residential, Magdalena area
Jesus Grove Downtown Rajneeshpuram. Sheela's HQ. In September 1985 renamed Sanai Grove.
Koran Grove Medical Complex. Around 1984, we bought a whole mess of trailers, not for residential use, but used, for work-related use. A lot of them were set up in the City of Rajneesh. And quite a few in the area between Buddhaghosha Bookstore and Mahavira. Those became the "medical complex", when the original Pythagoras trailer became too small for the increasing population of the Ranch. Mohammed Grove were just two trailers, of the kind that were originally bought, for residential use.
Lao Tzu Grove B-site and Townhouses Residential
Magdalena Grove Trailer Homes Residential, cafeteria
Martin Buber Valley Townhouses (for RIMU participants)
Mohammed Grove Trailer Homes Residential (first Bob Harvey, the old ranch foreman, lived there, then the Hollywood Gang, though they moved soon to their own A-frame in Alan Watts), Pythagoras area. Mohammed was also used as a kind of low-level hospital, where people requiring medical isolation or complete short-term rest could stay. Work was such a priority at the Ranch that most injuries and illnesses were not reason enough for "time off"; most people who could not immediately return to their work were given alternative tasks.
Moses Grove Trailer Homes Residential, Pythagoras area
Nirvana Grove Samadhis of Osho's father, Vimalkirti and a few others
Pythagoras the original medical clinic
Sanai Grove see Jesus Grove
Sosan Grove Trailer Homes Residential, Magdalena area
Subhuti Grove Trailer Homes Residential, Pythagoras area
Tilopa Grove Trailer Homes Residential, Magdalena area
Walt Whitman Grove A-Frames Residential

geophysical features

name notes
Basho's Pond at Lao Tzu Crossing
Devateerth Rock outcropping of rock opposite airport. Blasted ca. 1983.
Farid Creek coming from Krishnamurti Lake (flows into Kabir Creek near Jesus Grove)
Kabir Creek coming from Patanjali Lake, via Jesus Grove on to Radha River
Krishnamurti Lake an artificial lake created along the county road
Gurdjieff Dam Dam (Krishnamurti Lake)
Patanjali Lake Lake: another artificial lake created by a dam, built by previous owners
Radha River aka John Day River


(See also Roads at the Ranch for an overview of the road system at the Ranch)

name notes
the county road Pre-existing public road running from Antelope through the Ranch roughly SE to Mitchell, see also Tao Rd, Yoga Rd and Sufi Rd
Hassid Road Torah Crossing via Socrates to Motor Pool area / RIMU
Lieh Tzu Crossing Culvert crossing between Zen Road and Lao Tzu Town Houses (aka Lao Tzu Crossing)
Mevlana Bhagwan Road leading from Pythagoras up to Patanjali Lake and onwards, almost to the pine forest
Nirvana Road Lao Tzu Grove to Jesus Grove north side of Kabir Creek
Ranch Crossing Culvert crossing at Jesus Grove (Farid Creek). Later renamed Torah Crossing.
Sufi Road Section of county road from Pythagoras toward Mitchell
Tantra Road Short road connecting Hassid Road and Tao Road at Rahul
Tao Connection Bus terminal (up county rd. from Torah Crossing)
Tao Road Section of county road between Jesus Grove and Siddhartha
Top Of The Ranch Entrance of property on the county road to Antelope
Torah Crossing Downtown, the area in front of the barn
Yoga Road Section of county road from Pythagoras toward Jesus Grove
Zarathustra Road Jesus Grove via Zarathustra to Pythagoras
Zen Connection Bus terminal where Zen Road meets Zarathustra Road
Zen Road Magdalena to Jesus Grove south side of Kabir Creek

work departments and buildings

name notes
Air Rajneesh Air Transport (HQ at Arrival and Departure Building)
Atisha Chicken yard next to Rabiya, included geese and two emus!
Baal Shem Trucking Department (also ran warehouse in Portland)
Baiju Bavara Music Department
Bankei Purchasing Dept.
Bee keeping In the hills up from Surdas. Did it have a name? Part of Dadu.
Buddhaghosha Bookstore
Bulla Rajneesh Jewelry
Chaitanya Accounts Department
Chiyono Hair and Beauty Salon
Chuang Tzu Construction Dept.
Cow Camp aka Haridas (way out in the boonies where cows were kept and at least temporarily people were staying). Part of Dadu.
Dadu Farming Dept.
Daya Sewing Dept. (part of Raidas)+D91+D104
Devateerth Mall Downstairs: Commercial enterprises (Chiyono, Zorba the Buddha Restaurant, Ice Cream Parlor, Pizzeria, Bank, Travel Bureau)
Upstairs: Offices (Chaitanya, Hakim Sanai, Ramanuja, Purchasing)
Diogenes Rajneesh Computing Computer services
Dionysius Rajneesh Electronics
Dokuon (unidentified sub-department of Chuang Tzu)
Edison Radio communications / Telephone / Video & Audio Services / Photocopies / Repairs (appliances, office machines, small equipment) / Bugging
Emerson Stationery (also book distribution dept. ?)
Fire Tower (did it have another name?)
Gora Equipment Repair (possibly merged with Audio Department later on)
Gorakh Recycling Yard / Garbage Disposal
Hakim Sanai Ranch and worldwide sannyas record keeping
Haridas aka Cow Camp / Fencing Crew and Beef Operation
Hassid Cafeteria between Socrates and Torah Crossing
Hotel Rajneesh Portland
Hotel Rajneesh Hotel for visitors, next to Jesus Grove
Howdy Doody Clothes for residents, originally in a trailer at Jesus Grove, later relocated to Socrates and Vimalkirti
Kabir (editors? run by Yoga Pratima)
Ko Hsuan aka Lincoln School, located in Antelope
Kuber Safety Deposit Office
Laguna Beach Wastewater treatment site (of course, Osho didn't give that name, but it stuck!)
Magdalena Main Cafeteria / bakery
Mahakashyap Originally the reception, first in the barn, then in a trailer a bit up the county road
Mahavira Heavy Equipment
Manjushri Video Department
Marpa ???
Meera Land Restoration / Landscaping (sub-department of Chuang Tzu)
Meher Surveyors / Road Design / Mapping (sub-department of Chuang Tzu)
Mirdad Reception and Press Office
Motor Pool The area around the RBG building
Nagarjuna The original ranch building. At first used as a cafeteria, later as a restaurant and other uses.
Nanak The Mail Office, where incoming mail was sorted, etc
Naropa Publications / Artists / Darkroom (location at old farm house between Torah Crossing and Jesus Grove)
Noah’s Ark Boutique
Ok Corral Corral where in the early days horses were kept. Later Buddhaghosha was built there.
Omar Khayyam Lounge / Bar / Casino
Paul Reps Plant nurseries, next to Rajneesh Mandir. Part of Dadu. Early name for Rajneesh Mandir ("Paul Reps Greenhouse").
Peace Force Police dept. of the City of Rajneeshpuram
Plato Original lumber yard next to Zarathustra (later name for paintshop?)
Plotinus ?¿?
Pythagoras Medical Clinic
Rabiya Dairy Farm (past Sosan Grove towards Surdas). Part of Dadu.
Rahul Gas Station
Raidas Cleaning Department
Ramakrishna Human Resources (in Socrates)
Ramanuja Typing Pool
Rinzai Legal Services (early incarnation of RLS)
River House A small, old building at Radha River, SE of the Truck Farm. In the very early days possibly some of our people stayed there.
Rock Crusher First, a bit up the road from Pythagoras towards Patanjali Lake, later at a remote place in Buddha Grove
Sahaja Early name for Accounting Dept., Socrates building
Saraha Wood working and Carpentry Shop, Motor Pool area
Sariputta Sheet Metal Shop, included plumbing, heating, air-conditioning and electrical as well, see also Testimonial letter from Sw Deva Allen
Siddhartha Upstream from airport along county road, Peace Force, Fire Dept. & Security Dispatch
Socrates Offices (Rinzai, Hakim Sanai, Ramakrishna, Ramanuja (temp.), Town Hall
Surdas Truck Farm, part of Dadu.
Town Hall Municipal government of the City of Rajneeshpuram, located at Socrates
Vimalkirti Airport Hangar, later used for residents' clothing, cleaning supplies
Welding Shop part of RBG
Yari Greenhouses next to Rajneesh Mandir
Zarathustra Originally designed for produce storage, but used mainly for storage of Osho's books and library.
The office part of the building was steadily expanded over the years, with changing occupants.


Zorba the Buddha Rajneesh Restaurant (Antelope / City of Rajneesh)
Zorba the Buddha Restaurant and Lounge (Portland)
Zorba the Buddha Rajneesh Restaurant and Lounge (Ranch / Mall)
Zorba the Buddha Rajneesh Pizzeria (Ranch)
Zorba the Buddha Mexican Restaurant (Ranch)
Zorba the Buddha Rajneesh Burger and Fries (Ranch)
Zorba the Buddha Rajneesh Delicatessen (Ranch / Mall and Lao Tzu Grove)
Zorba the Buddha Rajneesh Snack Bar (Ranch / RIMU)
Zorba the Buddha Rajneesh Junior Disco & Restaurant (Ranch)

miscellaneous organizations

name notes
Rajneesh Buddhafield Drycleaners (part of Raidas)
The Rajneesh Country Band Played at Nightclub in Portland (Zorba the Buddha Restaurant and Lounge) (Bodhi, Deva, Gulab, Milarepa)
Rajneesh Design (part of Naropa)
Rajneesh Financial Services Trust (Insurance, Rajneesh Currency Card)
Rajneesh Friends International (Prem Arup / Prem Geeta. Rajneesh Academy, Bookstore, Publications, RIMU, Rajneesh Mandir)
Rajneesh Investment Corporation (Dhyan John / Deva Sugito)
Rajneesh Jewelry & Fine Arts Trust
Rajneesh Mandir Meditation & Celebration Hall
Rajneesh Medical Associates (parent co. of Rajneesh Health Associates)
Rajneesh Medical Corporation (Pythagoras Clinic, Mall Pharmacy, Chiropractic-, Physiotherapy-, Acupunture Offices at Hotel Rajneesh
Rajneesh Mountain Cabins Quadruplexes at Alan Watts Grove, run as hotel
Rajneesh Raiders Football team of share-a-home people, practiced near Hassid Cafe
The Rajneesh Times
Rajneesh Travel Corporation Travel agency
The Rajneeshpuram Chamber of Commerce Tourist- & public information
Rajneeshpuram Legal Assistance Fund
Rajneeshpuram Rural Fire Protection District
Rajneeshpuram School District 50 (Antelope)
RBG Rajneesh Buddhafield Garage
RBT Rajneesh Buddhafield Transport (public transport, esp. Buses, plus taxi service)
RCR Business Services Corporation
RHT Rajneesh Humanity Trust
RIMU Rajneesh International Meditation University
RLS Rajneesh Legal Services Corporation
RMCCT Rajneesh Modern Car Collection Trust (legally owned the Rolls-Royces)
RNSIC Rajneesh Neo-Sannyas International Commune (responsible for most activities at the Ranch, except,
for instance, for those covered by Rajneesh Friends International)
RSI Rajneesh Services International (financial services)