Relax, Trust, Let Go

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Beyond the mind, what are we? And what is the potential inherent in this life? Relax, Trust, Let Go examines these questions, while telling a delightful and touching story of love and the fulfillment that can be found in living with death.The love affair of Melissa and Nadeen is born in “Buddha Grove,” a marble expanse in Pune, India, crowned by stars. Naming it the “Center of the Universe,” they meet there to meditate, and from the beginning, Nadeen knows their relationship will be unique. Powerful and wise, Melissa is clear that she wants to live consciously, in trust and expansion. As a life-long seeker of truth, Nadeen shares her desire. Suddenly, life offers a challenge: Melissa is diagnosed with a brain tumor. While continuing to live in day-to-day reality, she rises above the concerns of the mind, or ego, and becomes simple presence, emanating the innocence and light of a child. Meeting the challenges of her situation head-on, Nadeen experiences the essence of life and embraces the mystery of death. Together, Nadeen and Melissa discover they truly are dancing at the Center of the Universe.
Nadeen E. Roessler
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Relax, Trust, Let Go

The Art of Dying

Year of publication : May 2021
Publisher : ‎ ‎self-published
ISBN 979-8500022394 (click ISBN to buy online)
Number of pages : 187
Hardcover / Paperback / Ebook : P
Edition notes :