Relaxing the Body-Mind Meditation

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Is this maybe related to Floating and Dying Meditation ?

This is a guided meditation, lead and spoken by Osho at the end of Main Mrityu Sikhata Hun ~ 04 (मैं मृत्यु सिखाता हूं), on 29 Oct 1969 am at Dwarka, meditation camp.
Spoken text by Osho:
01 Introduction to the Meditation / ध्यान का परिचय 2:12
02 Meditation / ध्यान 14:10

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See for the translated English text, the guided meditation audio of Relaxing the Body-Mind (music album).
Cover-text of that audio MC:
This guided meditation has been given by Osho to nurture the deep relaxation which can give rise to meditation. The words used on the tape are as spoken by Osho. (From: And Now And Here. Vol.1)
While listening there is no need to do anything. Just listen and follow.
In the first stage, let the body relax so totally that you feel you have nothing to do with it, as if you have let go of it completely.
In the second stage, let your breathing relax - let the breath come and go on its own.
In the third stage, let the mind relax. Watch: the thoughts are calming down.
In these three stages, let go so totally that you begin to feel that the body, the breathing and the mind have nothing to do with you, that you are watching them from a great distance.
In the fourth stage, just remain quiet and still. Be aware, watch and allow whatever is happening.
When doing this meditation without the tape, speak softly to yourself, using your own words. The meditation can be practiced at any time, and is especially good to do before falling asleep at night. Falling into sleep from this space of deep relaxation allows the meditation to continue all through the night.

the English translation of Osho's guidance
Before we move into the meditation, let us understand a few things. First of all, you have to let yourself go completely. If you hold yourself back even a tiny bit, it will become a hurdle in meditation. Let yourself go as if you are dead, as if you have really died. Death has to be accepted as if it has already arrived, as if all else has died and we are sinking deeper and deeper within. Now only that which always survives will survive. We will drop everything else which can die. That's why I have said that this is an experiment with death.
There are three parts to this experiment. The first is, relaxation of the body; second, relaxation of breathing; third, relaxation of thought. Body, breathing and thought -- all these have to be slowly let go of.
Please sit at a distance from each other. It is possible that somebody may fall, so keep a little distance between yourselves. Move a little back or come a little forward, but just see to it that you don't sit too close to each other; otherwise the whole time you will be busy saving yourself from falling over somebody.
When the body becomes loose, it may fall forwards or backwards; one never knows. You can be sure of it only as long as you have a hold over it. Once you give up your hold on the body, it automatically drops. Once you loosen your grip from within, who will hold the body? -- it is bound to fall. And if you remain preoccupied with preventing it from falling, you will stay where you are -- you won't be able to move into meditation. So when your body is about to fall, consider it a blessing. Let go of it at once. Don't hold it back, because if you do you will keep yourself from moving inward. And don't be upset if someone falls on you; let it be so. If someone's head lies in your lap for a while, let it be so; don't be bothered by it.
Now close your eyes. Close them gently. Relax your body. Let it be completely loose, as if there is no life in it. Draw all the energy from your body; take it inside. As the energy moves within, the body will become loose.
Now I will begin my suggestions that the body is becoming loose, that we are becoming silent.... Feel the body becoming loose. Let go. Move within just as a person moves inside his house. Move inside, enter within. The body is relaxing.... Let go completely... let it be lifeless, as if it is dead. The body is relaxing, the body has relaxed, the body has completely relaxed...
I take it that you have totally relaxed your body, that you have given up your hold over it. If the body falls, so be it; if it bends forward, let it bend. Let whatever has to happen, happen -- you relax. See that you are not holding anything back. Take a look inside to be sure that you are not holding your body back. You ought to be able to say, "I am not holding back anything. I have let myself go completely."
The body is relaxed, the body is loose. The breath is calming down, the breath is slowing down. Feel it... the breathing has slowed down... let it go completely. Let your breathing go too, just give up your hold on it completely. :The breath is slowing down, the breath is calming down.... The breathing has calmed down, the breathing has slowed down....
The breathing has calmed down... thoughts are calming down too. Feel it. Thoughts are becoming silent... let go.... You have let the body go, you have let the breathing go, now let thoughts go as well. Move away... move within totally, move away from thoughts also.
Everything has become silent, as if everything outside is dead. Everything is dead... everything has become silent... only consciousness is left within... a burning lamp of consciousness -- the rest is all dead. Let go... let go completely -- as if you are no more. Let go totally... as if your body is dead, as if your body is no more. Your breathing is still, your thoughts are still -- as if death has occurred. And move within, move totally within. Let go... let everything go. Let go totally, don't keep anything. You are dead.
Feel as if everything is dead, as if all is dead -- only a burning lamp is left inside; the rest is all dead. Everything else is dead, erased. Be lost in emptiness for ten minutes. Be a witness. Keep watching this death. Everything else around you has disappeared. The body is also left, left far behind, far away -- we are just watching it. Keep watching, remain a witness. For ten minutes keep looking within.
Keep looking inside... everything else will be dead outside. Let go... be totally dead. Keep watching, remain a witness.... Let everything go as if you are dead and the body on the outside is dead. The body is still, thoughts are still, only the lamp of consciousness is left watching, only the seer is left, only the witness is left. Let go... let go... let go totally...
Whatever is happening, let it happen. Let go completely, just keep watching inside and let the rest go. Give up your hold completely....
The mind has become silent and empty, the mind has become totally empty.... The mind has become empty, the mind has become totally empty. If you are still holding back a little, let that go also. Let go totally, disappear -- as if you are no more. The mind has become empty... the mind has become silent and empty... the mind has become totally empty...
Keep looking inside, keep looking inside with awareness -- everything has become silent. The body is left behind, left far away; the mind is left far away, only a lamp is burning, a lamp of consciousness, only the light is left burning....
Now slowly take a few breaths. Keep watching your breath.... With each breath the silence will go deeper. Take a few breaths slowly and keep looking within; remain a witness to the breathing also. The mind will become even more silent.... Take a few breaths slowly, then gently open your eyes. If anyone has fallen, take a deep breath first and then get up slowly. Don't rush if you are unable to rise, don't rush if you find it difficult to open your eyes.... :First take a deep breath, then open your eyes slowly... rise very softly. Don't do anything with a sudden movement -- neither rising nor opening your eyes....
Our morning session of meditation is now over.