Religion's Expiration Date

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Motto on the cover:
"move from blind belief to the science of your inner experience"
translated from
Hindi : Vigyan, Dharm Aur Kala (विज्ञान, धर्म और कला) (ch.1-5, 7-11)
"Extemporaneous talks given by Osho in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Punjab and Ludhiana, India."
"Early talks by Osho, first published 2009 in Hindi as Vigyan Dharm Aur Kala."
time period of Osho's original talks/writings
1967~1970 ** : timeline
number of discourses/chapters
10   (see table of contents)


Religion's Expiration Date

Year of publication : 2018
Publisher : Osho Media International
ISBN 978-81-7261-362-4 (click ISBN to buy online)
Number of pages : 198
Hardcover / Paperback / Ebook : H
Edition notes : Copyright © 1967, 2018 OSHO International Foundation. Image and cover Copyright © OSHO International Foundation.
Size : 223 x 149 x 20 mm
Printed in India by Parksons Graphics, Mumbai
Preface: Osho, The Hidden Splendor (excerpt from ch. 18, q.1)

table of contents

edition 2018
chapter titles
event location duration media
1 Science, Religion, and Art 11 Oct 1970 am Bombay 0h 58min audio
2 Religion Means Entering Your Own
16 Jan 1967 am Ahmedabad 0h 56min audio
3 Service above Self? 1967? Punjab 0h 49min audio
4 The Art of Being a No-Mind 1967? Ludhiana 1h 5min audio
5 Love and Non-Possessiveness 1967? unknown 0h 58min audio
6 The Synthesis of Religion and Science 1967? unknown 0h 48min audio
7 Affirmative Science, Affirmative Religion 1967? unknown 1h 5min audio
8 Remove the Dust from Your
Mirror of Consciousness
1967? unknown 0h 57min audio
9 Religion: The Ultimate Science 6 Feb 1968 am Rotary Club, Ahmedabad 0h 30min audio
10 The Birth of the New Man 10 Aug 1970 am Ahmedabad 1h 4min audio