Reminding Yourself of the Forgotten Language of Talking to Your Mind and Body (music album)

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This guided meditation was created by Osho as a group process lasting one hour each day for seven days. Osho has suggested that you continue the process for one month after the group.

From the tape jacket:

Osho says: "The idea is that people need to be taught how to make friends with their bodies." Since mind and body are not separate, this tape will also help you to understand how your mind expresses itself through your body.
Part One: For the first 15 minutes you will be speaking to specific parts of your body, and to your whole body. It is a good idea to speak aloud as this will help you to stay alert and conscious.
Part Two: You will be communicating with your unconscious mind about a problem that you may be having with your body, whether it is a question of being sick, being overweight, being in pain, etcetera, or simply wishing to feel more alive and healthy.
In a deeply relaxed state you will connect with the part of your unconscious mind that is responsible for the condition of your body, approaching 'it with respect and friendliness. For example, if you experience your weight as a problem, the part of your unconscious mind responsible for this is a very devoted servant to you, and a guardian. By making you overweight, this guardian has been trying to help and protect you. In a deep trance state, the guardian can create new ways to fulfill its positive intention while allowing your body to be natural and healthy. In this way you arrive at a new understanding about your body-mind mechanism and its ability to heal itself.
The meditation begins with the mantra "Osho" to lead you into trance, and also ends with "Osho" to bring you back to wakefulness.
The group process is available at Osho Commune International, Poona, India, and at some of the Osho Meditation Centers worldwide.

Sw Anugama
Sw Anugama
Ma Deva Madita (MC)
Ma Deva Anando (CD)
Original Version - full length
Reminding Yourself of the Forgotten Language of Talking to Your Mind and Body 45:00
Audio CD
Reminding Yourself of the Forgotten Language of Talking to Your Mind and Body 45:00



Label (Distributor) : Rebel Distribution Pvt. Ltd., Poona
Format : Audio Tape
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Label (Distributor) : OSHO International Foundation
Format : Audio CD
Artwork :