Researching Osho's Hindi Publications

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Over the years, a number of "tools" have been developed in the wiki to help in researching Osho's Hindi books. These tools are pages with information organized around certain aspects of his books to make it easier to see or find something. Each was given a place at the top of the list on the Hindi Publications Category page but eventually their numbers began to crowd out the "real" members of the category, the actual books, so they have been removed and placed here.

These pages are listed here, that they may still have a "central" place to be found. Mini-descriptions are provided:

Hindi Covers -- All the cover images that have been found for Osho's Hindi books, from all publishers, presented in decent-sized thumbnails for easy scanning.
Hindi Subtitles – A Story -- A deep exploration of the use of subtitles in Osho's Hindi books, and their significance relating to the upcoming death of his body.
Hindi titles to be added -- Titles of Osho's Hindi books found here and there that have not been added yet to the wiki.
Hindi titles with incomplete info -- Many basic facts remain unknown about Osho's early Hindi discourses, when, where, how many. This page is an up-to-date central reference for all that we don't know and would like to find about about such things.
Shifting content in Hindi books (source document) -- An extensive, detailed study of the ways in which whole books and chapters have been moved around and published in various forms over the years. Way awesome!

Above were the original inhabitants removed from the Hindi Pubs Category page. Other "research tool" pages include:

Category:Source Documents -- Basic assemblages of raw facts compiled by various researchers over the years. How we "know" or at least evaluate what we know.
Hindi Books in Print Lists -- In particular among the source docs is this one. These lists show up in many of Osho's books and serve to indicate the general vintage of both the books so listed and the undated books in which they show up.
Hindi series of talks with dates (source document) -- a major new (as of Jun 2020) source of info for dates of Hindi talks, seems accurate enough so far and has a lot of info not seen before.