Riding the Waves

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Lyrics and partial chords
     D  G  A            Bm  G  A 

Riding the waves with you, my Master 

Riding the waves with you, Osho 

Sailing on the winds of silence (my Master) 

Riding on the waves of love 

             Bm  G  A 
I'll meet you there 

>> From Giri's unpublished handwritten notes.
   Note that chords were not placed anywhere, except as displayed. 
   Possibly the first three chords were meant to apply to the first 
   half of each line and the second three to the second half, 
   with something else going on in the last line.
   But no easy and obvious way was seen to adapt these chords 
   to the rhythm and flow of the words, so chords are just presented 
   as they were found. Drop us a line if you know the song.

Part of The Giri Songbook.
Source: Sarlo's Songs in the Key of Osho. See: Notes on chord notation.

Album (unknown)