Russian TV Documentary (1989)

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still 00min 12sec
A Soviet Russia TV documentary about the Osho Commune.
An impression of the Osho Commune, meditations, footage of Osho in discourse, ending with criticism that the commune is not doing much about the poverty in India.
Osho, in discourse, answered questions of the film crew (30 January 1989, Communism and Zen Fire ~ 01). This is only very partially shown.
Russian. We have seen a copy with English voice-over by Sw Anand Vimal (commune press-office).
February 1989


opening credits
Сергей Алексеев - Sergey Alekseev
Оператор Александр Жуков - operator Aleksandr Zhukov

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OshoFilmArchive catalog no : OFA00,092


  • still 02min 32sec.

  • still 03min 01sec.

  • still 03min 24sec.

  • still 03min 26sec.

  • still 03min 52sec Sw Deva Samvado leading sufi-dancing.

  • still 05min 45sec. Center Ma Prem Sangeet?

  • still 05min 57sec. Interviewing Sw Prem Amrito and Ma Deva Anando.

  • still 06min 17sec. Ma Deva Anando.

  • still 10min 33sec.

  • still 11min 40sec.