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There is only one letterhead known so far in this class, and only one letter known to have used it. There is every reason to believe it was not a one-off thing though, as Osho was just getting into the swing of Meditation Camps (Sadhana Shivir) in 1965 and might well have wanted to promote them.

The letterhead reads, across the top:

Acharya Shree Rajneesh Sadhana Shivir

and on the left:

sanyojak (co-ordinators):
Dr (Seth) Govinddas
Shree Jagsibhai Mediwala

and on the right:

karyalay (offices)
1. Rajagokuldas Mahal, Jabalpur
 phone # 139
2. Mediwala Machinery Company,
 Shyam Talkies ke pas,
 Wright Town, Jabalpur
 phone # 914

Dr. Seth Govinddas has shown up before as one of Osho's backers. He was a prominent freedom fighter and post-Independence member of the Lok Sabha, India's parliament. He lent his name to Osho's project as an organizer and Rajagokuldas palace, belonging to one of Jabalpur's wealthiest and most-established families, as a place of operation. More about his family in Indian history here.

Jagsibhai Mediwala has not been seen here before. Perhaps all that can be said about him at this point is that he was a prominent enough figure in Jabalpur that his business had a three-digit phone number.

This letterhead was used in just one letter so far: Letter written on 19 Jul 1965, to Ma Yoga Sohan