Sadhana Path ~ 01

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साधना पथ ~ 01

event type discourse
date & time 3 Jun 1964 pm
location Shri Muchala Mahavira, Ranakpur, meditation camp
language Hindi
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shorttitle PWAY01
This is the first in a series of talks recorded during Osho's first meditation camp.
See Neeten's paper Osho’s First Book From His First Camp for more info about these talks.
(As translated in Path of Self-Realization)
"For the realisation of truth, mental ground must be cultivated and ploughed in the same manner as the land is cultivated and ploughed before flower is planted.
For this, there are certain principles:
First principle: Living in the present...
Second principle: Living naturally...
Third principle: Living alone...
Following these principles we will reach that stage of mind which is essential for peace and realisation of truth."

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