Sadhana Path ~ 12

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साधना पथ ~ 12

event type discourse
date & time 7 Jun 1964 pm
location Shri Muchala Mahavira, Ranakpur, meditation camp
language Hindi
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shorttitle PWAY09
(Translated as in Path of Self-Realization)
Question 1
Do you not attach any value to Philosophy? Is it not essential to know about the Truth in order to know itself?
Question 2
We can think nothing about the Truth unless we start from some presupposition about it.
Question 3
How can we know the Truth without the scriptures? Is it not only through them that we know it?
Question 4
Is that which intellect suggests to be Truth, not so?
Question 5
Is, according to you, the vision of Lord Krishna or The Christ, not the spiritual-experience?
Question 6
How can, then, we see (darsana) God?
Question 7
I have faith in God. But you say that this faith is fatal: should, I then, give up my faith?

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