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Osho World

Currently the only Osho portal that hosts all of Osho's discourses (maintained by the Rajyoga Meditation Centre, New Delhi‎, India)

Amici di Osho Italian language portal (maintained by the Osho Arihant Meditation Center, Varazze, Italy)

Ganzheitliches Forum Freiburg (prev. Osho Freiburg & Regio) German language Portal (maintained by Sw Wendelin, Germany)

Kids site (maintained by Ma Rupda, USA)

LivingSatsang (maintained by Sw Prembuddha, Netherlands)

meditationfrance (maintained by Jean-Claude, France)

Osho Brasil Portuguese language Portal (maintained by Sw Dharma Mahin, Brazil)

Osho Canada French and English bi-lingual blog (maintained by Osho Canada Publications, Canada)

Osho Freiburg & Regio German language Portal (maintained by Ma Taruno, Germany)

Osho Israel (maintained by Sw Vimal Kohra, Israel)

Osho Lovers International list of people and activities (maintained by Sw Anurag Bali, Argentina)

OSHO in UK (maintained by Ma Yoga Punya, UK)

Oshonet - Netzwerk der Freunde Osho's (maintained by Sw Premgit, Switzerland)

Osho News Online Magazine (maintained by Ma Yoga Punya, UK)

Osho South Africa (maintained by Sw Prasado, South Africa)

OshoTurk Turkish language forum (moderated by Sw Amrit Sangeet, Istanbul)

oToons (maintained by Sw Devakrishna, Switzerland)

Rebellious Spirit & Osho in the Czech Republic (maintained by Sw Nishkam, Czech Republic) German language mailing list (maintained by Sw Chandro, Germany)

sannyas news (maintained by Sw Anand Parmartha, UK)

the Sannyas Wiki at (maintained by Sw Anand Rudra, Australia)

sannyasworld (maintained by Sw Gorakh, UK)

Stichting Vrienden van Osho (maintained by Ma Satyam Adheera, Netherlands)

Yahoo mailing lists

cologne-sannyas-list for Köln, Germany

hamburg-sannyas-liste for Hamburg, Germany


Munich Sannyas Community (moderated by Sw Surendra Bharti, München, Germany)

Osho Belgium for Belgium (and the immediate surroundings) (maintained by Sw Satrakshita)

Osho Byron Bay for the Byron Shire, NSW, Australia

oshoindia for India

OshoInMass for OshoInMass, a group of Friends of Osho in the Boston area , USA (moderated by Sw Prem Shunyam, USA)

osho-pl for Poland

osho-br Portuguese language mainly for Brazil

Osho Science (moderated by Sw Bodhi Sarango, Romania)

osho-sfbay for sannyasins in the San Francisco Bay, USA area (moderated by Sw Prem Nirvan, USA)

OshoWestAustralia Yahoo mailing list for Western Australia

RiverIIOsho Yahoo mailing list (moderated by Sw Amrit Subhuti, USA)


Sannyas Romania for Romania (moderated by Sw Bodhi Sarango, Romania)

sannyas-spanish Spanish language mailing list


Osho (maintained by various people)

Osho (Bhagwan Shree) Rajneesh (maintained by various people)

Osho Love & Light Here and Now (maintained by various people)

Osho Seattle (started by Sw Prartho Subhan, USA)

Rajneeshpuram Residents (maintained by Sw Anado, Mexico)

The Sannyas Network (maintained by Sw Kohra, Israel)

Sannyasin in Facebook (maintained by Ma Kaamini, Italy)