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web portals

Osho World
Currently the only Osho portal that hosts all of Osho's discourses (maintained by the Rajyoga Meditation Centre, New Delhi‎, India)

Amici di Osho Italian language portal (maintained by the Osho Arihant Meditation Center, Varazze, Italy)

(now closed and reopening soon as

Ganzheitliches Forum Freiburg (prev. Osho Freiburg & Regio) German language Portal (maintained by Sw Wendelin, Germany)

Osho Freiburg & Regio German language Portal (maintained by Ma Taruno, Germany)

Kids site (maintained by Ma Rupda, USA)

LivingSatsang (maintained by Sw Prembuddha, Netherlands)

meditationfrance (maintained by Jean-Claude, France)

Osho Brasil Portuguese language Portal (maintained by Sw Dharma Mahin, Brazil)

Osho Canada French and English bi-lingual blog (maintained by Osho Canada Publications, Canada)

Osho Israel (fallen into disrepair since a long time)

now switched over to a facebook page

Osho News Online Magazine (maintained by Ma Yoga Punya, UK)

Osho in the UK (maintained by Ma Yoga Punya, UK)

Oshonet - Netzwerk der Freunde Osho's (maintained by Sw Premgit, Switzerland)

Osho South Africa (maintained by Sw Prasado, South Africa)

oToons (maintained by Sw Devakrishna, Switzerland)

Rebellious Spirit & Osho in the Czech Republic (maintained by Sw Nishkam, Czech Republic)

sannyas news (founded by Sw Anand Parmartha, UK, but now looking for a new owner)

the Sannyas Wiki (maintained by a large team of editors from around the world)

Stichting Vrienden van Osho (maintained by Ma Satyam Adheera, Netherlands)

facebook groups

(Note that we only list groups here. There are hundreds of pages dedicated to Osho or Sannyas on facebook, some of which have thousands of readers.)

Osho Universal ( > 335,000 members)

Osho ( > 200,000 members)

Osho Lovers ( > 65,900 members)

International Osho Group ( > 44,300 members)

Osho Sannyasins ( > 38,900 members)

Osho ( > 21,200 members)

Osho Quotes ( > 24,900 members)

Osho World ( > 15,500 members)

Osho Fragrance ( > 11,300 members)

Osho Photos ( > 4,400 members)

Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh ( > 3,500 members)

Love Osho ( > 2,200 members)

Osho Seattle (> 1,000 members)

Rajneeshpuram Residents ( > 900 members)

Sannyas ( > 1,900 members)

Sannyas Now ( > 1,300 members)

Osho WA (289 members)

Bavarian Osho Tribe ( > 1,000 members)

Osho Nirvana ( > 800 members)

Unmad - An Oasis of Osho ( > 3,100 members)

Osho and Meditation ( > 47,500 members)

Osho Friends Club ( > 2,100 members)

Osho Hindi Speech ( > 14,400 members)

Osho meditation group, NYC-NJ, USA ( > 700 members)

Osho Friends Boulder (170 members)

Osho Mumbai ( > 6,000 members)

Osho Torino Piemonte MC (393 members)