Sat Chit Anand ~ 19

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event type discourse
date & time 1 Dec 1987 am
location Chuang Tzu Auditorium, Pune
language English
audio Available, duration 1h 45min. Quality: good.
Live music after the discourse.
online audio
video Available, duration 1h 47min. Quality: good.
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shorttitle CHIT19
Reader of the questions: Ma Prem Maneesha.
Question 1 from Shunyam Kaveen
Beloved Osho, is there any difference between the state of no-mind and being present?
Question 2 from Ma Prem Pankaja
Beloved Osho, I suspected you of stealing my creativity, and in my unconsciousness made a secret bargain with you: "Okay, take it. And in exchange give me love and meditation and bliss and myself." You gave me glimpses, and then they too disappeared, and I was angry at you.
Beloved thief -- I love calling you 'beloved thief' -- beloved thief, will you steal me?


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