Satsang-1 Letterhead

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This letterhead strongly suggests the existence of a monthly periodical, Satsang, "dedicated to the spiritual resurrection of man", but so far, as of Mar 2020, is the only evidence of such a publication. Perhaps it never got off the ground.

The letterhead reads, in the center:

सत्संग (Satsang)
मनुष्य के आध्यात्मिक पुनरुत्थान के लिए समर्पित-मासिक (manushya ke aadhyaatmik punarutthaan ke lie samarpit-maasik)

on the top, left and right:

phone: 139 . . . . . . . . . gram: raja

Short telegram code is ‘RAJA’. It may be for Osho’s childhood nick name by his loving grannie. below that, on the left:

प्रेरक (prerak, driving force): Acharya Shree Rajneesh
संपादक (sampadak, editor): Dr. (Seth) Govinddas

and on the right:

राजा गोकुलदास महल (Raja Gokuldas Mahal, Raja Gokuldas palace), Jabalpur (MP)

Dr. Seth Govinddas was a prominent freedom fighter and post-Independence member of the Lok Sabha, India's parliament. He lent his name to Osho's project as editor and the palace, belonging to one of Jabalpur's wealthiest and most-established families, as a place of operation. More about the family in Indian history here.

Three letters are known to have been written on this letterhead:

Letter written on 6 Oct 1965, to Sw Anand Maitreya, published in Antarveena (अंतर्वीणा), as letter #9.
Letter written on 3 Aug 1965, to Ma Yoga Sohan
Letter written on 5 Aug 1965 om, to Ma Yoga Sohan