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There are many engines to search in Osho's words, i.e. enter some search criteria and find where Osho talks about those concepts.
For searching Osho's English texts, the best two we have found are:
The CD-ROM (Free)
See this page for background: Osho Books on CD-ROM.
It works on Windows PCs.
It works off-line, has good search capabilities, and the results are shown in context of the whole discourse. Disadvantage: results are shown in alphabetical order of book-titles, not by relevance.
Download the complete program with all texts here:
Install the program:
Unzip the file (doubleclick in FileExplorer or e.g. through winzip software)
Place OshoBooks.exe in a new directory, like \OshoBooks
To search:
Run OshoBooks.exe
Click <F2>, enter your search words...
Click Help for more info and search-tips (Free)
(If you do not want to install software, but search in your browser)
It also has good search capabilities, presents hits in context, and shows the most relevant hits first.
Instructions for searching in Osho's words:
Go to,
click Enter
close the Introduction-page
on the Discourses-page, enter your search words
click Search

Other places to search
at (Free, but requires registration. Also has paid audio.)
at (Free. Also has free audio.)
at (Claims to also search in Hindi texts. Access to this search engine costs $US 199 / year.)