Secrets of Love (2021)

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Ravi Kishan as Osho
There was talk of Aamir Khan and Alia Bhatt in the lead roles in the film. However, no official announcement has been made yet. Meanwhile, Ravi Kishan seems to have been chosen.
Before Aamir Khan, Ravi Kishan will now be seen on screen in the role of Osho Rajneesh in Velji Bhai Gala's 'Secrets of Love'.
The film was made by Osho's disciple Veljibhai Gala. Confirming the story to Divya Marathi, Veljibhai says, "I have been a disciple of Osho for the last 30 years and I wanted to tell his story to the people as soon as possible. After much thought, I thought his story could be told through films. I have listened to many discourses, meditated on what he said. I am aware of every little thing related to him, so I did not have much difficulty in making a film. Osho is the best person of this century and people of this century should know about him," he said.
About Ravi Kishan, Veljibhai says, "In this film, we are going to show three big stages related to Osho, for which three different actors have been taken. The roles are played by Jayesh Kapoor, Vivek Mishra and Ravi Kishan. When Osho Rajneesh went to America, he was poisoned. Ravi Kishan will be seen in that persona. We tested the looks of some actors before signing Ravi, but no one other than Ravi fit in Osho's persona."
The producers were supposed to release the film last year, but Veljibhai says, "We've been working on this film for almost a year and a half. The lockdown wasted almost 7 to 8 months. We were going to release the film in 2020. Most of the shooting is done. And now the film will be released between April and May 2021."
Veljibhai said that due to copyright, he did not mention Osho's name in the title of the film. The film has been shot in cities like Kashi, Gujarat, Goa, Jabalpur and Mumbai.
May 2021
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Shakun Batra
written by
Veljibhai Gala
rest of cast (listed alphabetically)
produced by
Karan Johar
Veljibhai Gala
music by
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