Shyam Lal Soni

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(also rendered as Shyamlal Soni)

Shyamlal was a childhood friend of Osho in Gadarwara, where Osho rejoined his parents after his grandfather in Kuchwada died. They met in the first grade of Ganj Primary School, and remained friends for life. When Osho graduated from high school and moved to Jabalpur, Shyamlal stayed behind, teaching school and eventually getting an MA.

Shyamlal wrote a major article in the Dec 1968 issue of Jyoti Shikha (ज्योति शिखा), describing many of the milestones of Osho's life journey, including a unique account of Osho's calling to dedicate his life to religion, the search for the truth of one's being. He was initiated by Osho, presumably in the early 70s, but his sannyas name is not known at this point.