Socrates Poisoned Again After 25 Centuries (1988)

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Osho arrested in the US
Osho in prison in the US
Osho on Crete
A description by Osho Film Festival :
After his illegal arrest and following his expulsion from the USA, Osho was expelled from 21 states altogether over the following year, always without any indication of reasons and under partial dramatic circumstances.
He returned first to his home country, India, where they tried to separate him from his Sannyasins by cancelling all their visas and withdrawing residence permits, in order to isolate and silence him. Osho flew on invitation of his Greek Sannyasins to Crete/Greece.
There he started to give discourses again a few days after his arrival.
Only 2 days later the archbishop of the Greek orthodox church threatened to dynamite the house in which Osho lived and he was thrown out of the country immediately.
The reasons for the archbishop going berserk were exactly the same as Socrates were accused of 2500 years earlier:
“this man is dangerous: he is extremely intelligent, he can destroy our youth, its morality. He can corrupt people by his ideas, destroy the tradition, the religion, he can create a disorder”.
Osho had only one answer for this:
"If your religion, that you have been establishing for two thousand years, is so poor that it can be destroyed in three weeks' time, if your morality is so rotten that a single person on a three-week tourist visa can demolish your morality, then it is worth demolishing whether I come or not! You should do it yourself."
A few days later the Greek police stormed the house in which Osho lived without reason and without a warrant, struck down his secretary and pulled him almost out of his bed in order to kidnap him.
Fortunately, sufficient Sannyasins were present, who took up the pursuit of the police cars.
Osho was brought to the local airport and expelled from the country the very same day.
This film describes the events of those days in dramatic way and shows the press conference given by Osho at the airport to an hastily summoned press.
Opening storyboard:
Greece, Island of Crete, February / March 1986
Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh
Socrates Poisoned Again after 25 Centuries
With footage of the police operation of Osho's arrest, the sannyasins around, car journey to the harbour.
Contains unique material of Osho on Athens International Airport, where Osho was surrounded by 40 police officers, including the chief of police. Osho sits down and is talking to the journalists around. Transcript 33m 15s -- 36m 59s :
"I have been very badly treated by the police. I have come to a civilized country and never expected this barbarious police.
I was just a tourist for four weeks. I had been here only for two weeks. I have not committed any crime, I have not done anything wrong. I have not even gone out of my house.
And suddenly this afternoon the police attacked the house. Broke the windows. Threw stones. Threatened that they are going to dynamite the house if I am not awakened. I was asleep. My secretary told: just three minutes you have to wait, so she can go up and wake me up. They pull her down, throw her on the gravel. Arrested her without any warrant. They arrested me, without any warrant, without any cause. I have 15 days more valid visa to be in Greece.
This seems to be strange behaviour of a civilised country. I was thinking that after poisoning Socrates, you must have learned something. But it seems you are still as barbarious as you have been 2000 years before.
I am going from this country with this idea that you are never going to be civilised. With this police, and with these police officers, this country is just going to be a fascist country. A fascist country. The way you have behaved with me I am going to expose you and your country to the whole world.
And if this is your behaviour to a man who is known all over the world, for his peace and his meditation --(to someone interrupting him) Stop, behave yourself!-- If this is your police behaving to a man who is internationally known, what will be their behaviour with people who are unknown, nobodies?
(Pointing to interrupting police officers) Still they are babies behaving! Are these idiots, or educated people? I am talking to the press, and they don't have even the sense to remain silent.
I am going to take your police to the court. 15 days are valid on my visa yet. On what grounds they have arrested me? They have not shown any grounds. The whole day they have been wasted my time. Now they are going to waste my whole night. (Video is interrupted here, cuts to Osho standing up and walking away with his entourage.)
After this, a quote from the video discourse of The Rebel ~ 01 Q.2, with pictures of Osho's passport, the stamp "Deported", and Osho's crossing that out.
1988 (probably)
44 min


Compiled and Edited by Sw Anand Bhikkhu
Camera in Greece: Sw Anand Rafia, Ma Deva Waduda, Sw Anand Bhikkhu
Music by Sw Deva Karunesh, Sw Anando Bharti; Excerpts of "Moment to Moment" (maybe that is this album: Moment to Moment)
Commentary by Sw Prem Amrito (narrator)
Sound re-recording by Sw Jalal
Discourse Excerpts by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, 19.2.1986 and 24.2.1986 at Crete, 6.3.1988 in Poona.
(I.e. Socrates Poisoned Again ~ 01 , Socrates Poisoned Again ~ 11 Q.2 and Om Shantih Shantih Shantih ~ 13. Also The Rebel ~ 01 Q.2 is quoted.)
Copyright Neo-Sannyas International
For further information contact Sadhana Foundation, 17 Koregaon Park, Poona 411 001, Tel: 660963.

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This media is partly available at IISG in box 147_3 on a DVD "Osho Documentatie-materiaal", file-name = 01.2.On.Kreta.avi.

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