Sufi Dancing in Poona

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Sufi Dancing in Poona is the title of a typed document. These 13 pages with song texts were compiled by Ma Prem Aneeta, who was leading the Sufi dancing groups in Poona from December 1976 to 1981 which was held every day at 10 am in Buddhahall. She gave a copy to Para, who annotated the songs with chords. Para has kindly made the document available for the Osho Music Archive. She writes on March 25, 2013:

"I asked Aneeta for the music after Sufi Dance, sometime between 1977 and 1981. We made an appointment in the garden and she gave me a bundle of loose sheets, apparently copies. For some songs I asked her to sing the melody, so I could jot it down in letters, and later I added the melodies I knew myself."

There are in fact four parts:

  • Numbers 1 - 49 are the songs for Sufi dancing, with instructions for movements and dance.
  • Numbers 51 - 80 are designated as Songs With No Structured Dance, used in e.g. Music Group.
  • Followed by a list of Wazifas: names of Allah, used for 'walk concentrations'.
  • And lastly a document Purification of the elements / Ryazat (identification with breath), showing breathing techniques & Sufi chants.

Song book
Compiled by Ma Prem Aneeta
Annotated by Ma Anand Para


It is unknown if there are any other editions of this document.


Songs 1 - 6


1. Er Rachman Er Rahim

2. Shalom Allahem, Shalom Allahem, Shalom, Shalom

3. Om Namo Narayanaya

4. Gopala, Gopala, Devakinanda na Gopala

5. Hare Krishna Hare Rama

6. Be Nobody Be Divine

Songs 7 - 11


7. Ya Azim

8. Shema Israel

9. Breathing, All Creatures Are

10. There's No Door

11. I Let Go

Songs 12 - 15


12. Heart To Heart

13. Jaya Guru Omkara

14. Sri Ram Ahura Mazda

15. Turn! Turn! Turn!

Songs 16 - 20


16. Life Is Good to Me

17. Asalaam Aleikum

18. Ebraheim Habiballah

19. Nothing Ever Happens

20. I Love You Whether You Know It Or Not

Songs 21 - 25


21. Ant'l Hadi

22. Ya Hayy Ya Haqq

23. Happiness runs in a circular motion

24. La Il La Ha

25. Happy Am I

Songs 26 - 30


26. Ya Fatha

27. Ego Sum Pauper

28. Put Your Hand In the Hand

29. A River Is Flowing Between Us

30. Gate Gate

Songs 31 - 34


31. Khalbee

32. Ta Ya Tha Om

33. Namo Amidha Butzu

34. You Just Flow With What Is

Songs 35 - 37


35. Oh My Lord You Hold Me

36. Hineh Ma Tov

37. May the Blessings of God Rest upon You

Songs 38 - 43


38. I Love To Sing And Laugh

39. Jumna Ki Jai Jai

40. Simple Gifts

41. Asala Tu Asalamu

42. Jubilate

43. Quan Zen Botzi

Songs 44 - 49 (The number 50 is not used.)


44. Ek Omkar Sat Nama

45. Round and Around

46. Rock My Soul

47. Om Namo Shivaya

48. Bismillah

49. Suban Allah

Songs 51 - 60
The numbers 51 - 80 were renumbered from 1 - 30:
Songs With No Structured Dance,
used in e.g. Music Group.


51. Dona Nobis Pacem

52. Dwelling In the Temple of My Heart

53. Listen To My Heart Song

54. God Our Father God Our Mother

55. Ish Allah

56. Your Love Flows Like Honey

57. Nowhere To Go

58. You Gotta Sing

59. He's Got the Whole World in His Hands

60. Amazing Grace

Songs 61 - 74


61. My Mind Is Always Floating

62. And Everyman

63. I Let Go

64. Hu Hu Allah Hu

65. Om Namo Bagavte Vasudevaya

66. Allham Dubilah

67. Standing in the Need of Prayer

68. Swing Low Sweet Chariot

69. Angels Watching Over Me

70. Kyrie Eleison

71. Su Ruxi Christas

72. Praise God for the Light Within You

73. All Together We Are Great

74. We Are One In the Spirit

Songs 75 - 80

SufiDancing75-80 Wazifas.jpg

75. May the Long Time Sun Shine

76. Thank You For This Beautiful Morning

77. Ishk Allah Ma Boud El La

78. Aditya Predayam Punyam

79. Anturyami Krepanidan

80. Allah ho Akbar

Purification of the elements

SufiDancing Purification of the elements R.jpg