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25th December 1993 - Receiving sannyas from Ma Prem Zareen.
With an Australian friend during mystic rose party 1995-96 perhaps.
Mystic Rose group
Mariam Canteen bamboos (now books dispatch department) with indian friend Avikal
Eating area of Mariam Canteen, with the rotating sphere by the side.

At the time of my worship in Publication Department, Osho Commune Koregaon Park, Pune (from June 1995 - February 1998), I coordinated the production of these books:
I Teach Religiousness Not Religion
Love and Being
Love and Hate
Love Yourself
Revolution in Education
Krishna: Guru Bhi, Sakha Bhi (कृष्ण : गुरु भी, सखा भी)
Mati Kahai Kumhar Sun (माटी कहै कुम्हार सूं)
Here and Now
Atma-Puja Upanishad, Bhag 1 (आत्म-पूजा उपनिषद, भाग 1) (UA-1, 18 talks)
Atma-Puja Upanishad, Bhag 2 (आत्म-पूजा उपनिषद, भाग 2) (UA-2, 18 talks)
becoming a sannyasin and my worship in publications
Ravindra, at 21 is reading everything that comes to him from the city library in Akola and one day comes across one Osho magazine. And the journey starts...
At 23, in wonder in Mumbai city working with TIFR, starts coming to Osho Commune, Pune on weekends.
Then easily enters into sannyas on 25th December 1993 to become Swami Amano Surdham. Zareen asks, "Do you understand the meaning of your name? "
It's written "NO MIND PARADISE"
Seeing me nodding my head, she laughs and tells others that he is saying YES.
It's February 1995, leaving my job I am totally in the commune, dancing around.
I am working in Marium canteen. Lots of work and lots of healthy food. I love cashew cookies, jams, and peanut butter.
YUTI, a German ma is my coordinator. Next week she puts me on the morning shift.
"But, I am doing 90 days dynamic" I object.
"Do you think you will get enlightened in 90 days? " Yuti is reluctant to change my shift.
But after white robe she agrees.
Sitting in front of Neelam for a meeting.
She is appreciating my handwriting on the worship form, takes my hand in hers, and assures me commune support (food pass and residence) She changes my place from MARIUM canteen to publication.
"You look like an editor" Exclaims Satyarthi welcoming me to publications. It's MIRDAD first floor. My coordinator is AMIT. I am given work of outside publications with TATHAGAT. There are 25 publishers in all publishing in regional languages and also in English. My work is to make legal agreements with publishers and provide them with Osho photos, titles, and manuscripts. Also listening to Osho and correcting the manuscripts accordingly (proofreading).
"Hello Surdham" Welcomes SHUNYO from downstairs English publication.
"Hi, I need photocopies"
She shows me the photocopy machine in one corner.
"From where you got photocopies? " Satyarthi asks
"From English department"
"Oh! They didn't object? "
Neelam arrives in our department for a publication meeting. Keerti is also there. Deciding new book titles for Indian publishers like Diamond, Hind, Jaico, Sterling... Neelam appreciates the list of books and publishers made by me in Excel giving an overview of the work going on.
Entering the Laotzu House... There is Rabia. I keep 2 copies of each newly published book in Osho's Library. My name is published first time in the book and I am happy. I clean the copies again and again before taking them to Laotzu...
I need some reference books and Rabia takes me to Osho's Library. I touch the table where Osho sat and signed the books.
I wish I get a chance of guarding the Laotzu gate. And one day I get the evening shift from 6 to 9 pm. I went to Laotzu gate and entered in White Robe register that I will not be attending white robe today. So that my reserved seat G 27 near the podium in Buddha Hall can be allotted to somebody else...
I am happy sitting at Laotzu gate and checking passes. White robe brotherhood starts... Soon I am feeling frozen. My neck would not move even to check passes.
Rabia arrives around 9 pm. The person for the next shift didn't turn up. I am asked to continue till 11 pm. Somebody put aside some food for me from the canteen.
Lately, I am feeling the need of some physical work. So I told Amit and started working 2 hours in Floating Crew and only 4 hours in publication. Floating Crew is a team of a few sannyasins who would work anywhere needed in the whole commune. Currently, we are changing the roof tiles of Sannyas Office and also cleaning the newly made MAHAKASHYAPA building.
I am working on BHAKTI SUTRA by Shandilya. It is decided to make four parts of the book each of 10 discourses. I asked Keerti for four new titles. He wrote but I didn't like them so I requested to write new 4 titles. He wrote again.
Swami Anand Swabhav entered our office. I saw him in black clothes, as he used to lead camps all over India. As he comes closer, I felt his presence. I thought Anand Swabhav is a live example of BHAKTI, it is better to ask him to write an introduction to this book.
But he said "I don't write, I only speak".
I put a tape at his residence so that he would record and then I will get it typed. But it didn't happen.
Again, we are in a meeting at MIRDAD, because Delhi Book Fair is coming closer. Tathagat suggested to publish INDIA MY LOVE by Diamond pocketbooks. But the question is who will design it in paperback size in such a small time.
I said I will do it.
I skipped Kundalini meditation for a week, started working even after white robe, and completed the book design in time. And Tathagat says, now plans changed. We are not publishing it this time.
To maintain the good quality of Osho's books, we started designing and even making films at our office. The Films were sold to publishers for 25000/- for each book. I am happy to earn for the commune.
It's the beginning of 1998, I am feeling that now I no more want to work with words but with live people.
There is a send-off party at Mirdad. Neelam took my hand in hand and brought me to the verandah where others are gathered.
Tathagat jokingly said,
"Bhagwan arrived, Bhagwan arrived"
The work was handed over to Amano Manish (Musician).

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Pune, India
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