Sw Anand Amrit (Indian)

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Anand Amrit - Maroo2.jpg
a recent photograph of Maroo

(Maroo Dada)

Sw Anand Amrit was born in 1929, on exactly the same day as his wife Ma Yoga Siddhi. They took sannyas together, even getting their names written out on the same unique "stationery", a torn-off piece of a letter written to Osho in late 1970, images top and middle right.

Later, after Osho moved to Pune, he gave them a paper for their center in Ahmedabad, Premdwara, bottom right.

Siddhi left her body in 2015 but Amrit is still going strong in Ahmedabad at age 90. He has shared a couple of letters written to him and Siddhi.

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