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Born and raised in a small village in Rajasthan, India, Anugrah came to the US in 1969. After completing his MBA, he started and ran a successful business for fifteen years. Retiring at the age of 40, he has spent the last 20 years studying and practicing many spiritual paths including Yoga, Tao, Sufi and Bhakti. His favorite masters are Ramakrishna, Patanjali, Gurdjieff, Lao Tzu and Osho.

“After sixty years in the present body, I have finally been able to bring my love for music and spirituality together. Ever since Osho gave me the name Anugrah, meaning gratitude in Sanskrit, I have become much more aware of feeling and expressing gratitude to existence for what it has given me and is still giving me every day of my life. This album expresses this gratitude through a devotional singing of OM.
The lyrics of Gratitude Joy consist of only these words, ‘OM, HARI OM’ and ‘SHIVA OM’. They are sung from the heart of a devotee. Harmonic layers of mantras interweave gratitude, joy and, ultimately, a longing to merge into the Universal. The singing of a devotee is very different from the singing of a professional singer, where one is singing to get something in return. The Devotee sings the song of existence: there is nothing left to ask. Through this singing, a thankfulness, a prayer is born, and in that prayer the devotee is reborn.”

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