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(Gustavo "Krupa" Quinteros)

1999 : Sw Anand Nivedano and Harida

Harida has been a drummer and percussionist for over 40 years. He was born in 1949 in Chile and studied classical drums and percussion at the conservatory in Santiago and in Rome before continuing to Spain to participate in Mirasol Colores, one of the principal avant-garde and Latin Fusion projects of the seventies. Ma Anand Yashu, the flautist of Mirasol Colores became his musical partner in many projects after that.

Intrigued with Eastern mythology and music, he traveled to India in 1977, spending several years there and taking sannyas in 1978. He began incorporating Eastern influences and meditative qualities into his music and learned to play santoor and tablas.

On relocating to Holland in 1981, he continued performing Latin music and Latin Jazz, as well as Meditation music. He added studio engineering to his skills and co-founded Nazca Music in 1995 with his current partner Nartan. Nazca is a label for World Music, New Age and Smooth Jazz, featuring many of the musicians around Osho, and based since 1997 on their 33 ha forested property Pomar da Serra in rural southern Portugal, 15 km from spectacular Alentejo Nature Reserve. Harida has played drums and percussion on various Nazca recordings and is the recording engineer and producer of the label's music, now consisting of more than twenty releases.

In 2006 Harida and Nartan organized their first Osho meditation retreat on their property. In 2010 came the first Osho Festival Portugal with the participation of many Osho musicians. The meditation retreats happen regularly since, and the festival every year around the end of June.

Contact Details

Pomar da Serra
7630-568 Várzea do Carvalho
Sao Teotonio
Phone: +351 283-098011
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