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(Frank Laurie)


Greetings Beloveds,

I am experienced as a Body, Mind and Spirit Holistic Facilitator, Life Coach and Meditation Teacher; Feng Shiui and Master Level Reiki Practitioner, Behavioral Kinesiology and Hellinger Family Constellation Facilitator, Transition and Grief Counselor, Dispute Resolution Practitioner, Visionary, Innovator, Writer, Artist, Producer, and Entrepreneur. A Metaphysician living and teaching the New Age Paradigm of Living Respectfully and Consciously with Love, Light, Yoga, Meditation and Laughter.

I am currently living in South Florida, USA. I would like to relocate to a spiritual center where I can continue to practice this art.

Therefore, if anyone can offer advise concerning such a community, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your loving assistance.

1. Alternative Training

Dr. Usui Reiki Modality - Master Level:

Anveshi’s School for Conscious Living and Thalamus School, Koeln Germany;

Osho Academy, Sedona Arizona;

Phyllis Lee Furumoto’s Center, Tubac Arizona

Advanced Facilitator and Teacher, Holistic Kinesiology Stress Management and Pain Coaching; Three in One Concepts, Brain Gym, and Touch for Health:

Three In One Concepts, Thousand Oaks California;

Anveshi’s School for Conscious Living, Koeln Germany;

Dr. Narendra Warren Stagg’s Ajna Center for Learning, Puna India;

Institute for Spiritual Therapy and Meditation (UTA),Koeln Germany

IAK International, Institute For Applied Creativity, Kirchzarte, Germany

Meditation Instructors, Therapist and Healing Arts, Grief and Transition Counseling Training:

California State University Northridge;

Osho International Meditation Resort, Pune India;

Veeresh’s Humaniversity Method, Egmond ann Zee, Holland

Family Constellation Facilitator Training with Hellinger et al.

Institute for Spiritual Therapy and Meditation, (UTA) Koeln Germany;

Balance Institute, Nuremberg, Germany

Anveshi’s School for Conscious Living, Koeln Germany

Feng Shui Practitioner Training:

Osho Academy Sedona Arizona

Tantra Training and Practitioner:

Anveshi’s School for Conscious Living, Koeln Germany;

Osho International Meditation Resort, Pune India

Kabbalah Studies, Kabbalah Center Boca Raton Florida

2. Graduate and Professional Training

City College of San Francisco, Business Law

University of San Francisco, Law

University of California Santa Barbara;

Human Physiology, Science, Social Science, Engineering

California State University Northridge California, Social and Behavioral Science; General, Addiction and Crisis Counseling

3. Undergraduate Training

California State University Northridge California: Social and Behavioral Science, Humanities, Foreign Language

Los Angeles Pierce College, L.A. California: General Education

Contact Details

South Florida
Phone: +1 425-296-2933
Mobile: +1 425-283-7417
Skype: Jagran Frank Laurie
email Jagran
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