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(Kul Bhushan)

My spiritual safari with Osho:

Osho personally initiated me in 1974 when I came from Nairobi to Poona to meet him. He also blessed me with his Charan Kamal and asked me to run a centre in Nairobi, Premneed, which I did from 1974 to 1994.

Visited Rajneeshpuram twice.

Moved to New Delhi in 2000 and have been involved with Osho World Foundation and Oshodham ever since then.

As a professional journalist and a former newspaper editor, I have written many articles on Osho. Also edited Osho World magazine from 2003 to 2015. Regularly contribute to Osho News and other sites on Osho.

Now conduct meditation camps at Oshodham.

Ma Laxmi lived at my home in Delhi for almost two years before Osho returned from the USA.

I asked Osho two questions:

The Tantra Vision Vol 2 ~ 04
Question 2
Theologia Mystica ~ 02
Question 4

The safari continues.


Kul Bushan is Executive editor & founder of Newstech Publishing Inc.

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