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(Kundan Ewan)

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Hello Friends,

I'm now living in Byron Shire, NSW, Australia. Beautiful subtropical beach community. I began learning the Shakuhachi in April 2007 from Kakizakai Sensei in Japan. I am slowly progressing. Play every day. Love the sound. I'm still playing and still progressing. I have a second shak now, a 2.4, a longer deeper one.

July 2011 : Recently became a member of the Vihara adventure. We are a group of twelve (so far) who are looking to by a Tibetan Buddhist Gonpa near Kyogle, NSW, Australia to create a community of mediatators and retreat centre. Most of us are Osho sanyassins. We'll see what happens.

I have received my beginning Tai Chi teacher's certificate from Erle Montegue. Have taught a little but have been travelling too much. I play with the Yang Chen-fu and Yang Lu-chan forms and also the Classic Bagua form.

In 1998, I published a collection of my short stories titled "My Friend Nasruddin". Have more writing slowly evolving. No schedule. I do it 'cause I enjoy it.

Cheers, Kundan

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Mobile: 0423 472 336
Skype: kundan33
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