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(Michael John Kidd, PhD)

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Hi friends,

after a long absence! I alternate between Nimbin, NSW, Australia and Ranui, Auckland, NZ, depending whether I want to write another book or practice law intensively, respectively.

In 2004 I completed a PhD on the genocide of the Tasmanian Aborigines, and published this under the The Sacred Wound of Australia. It was fully inspired by Osho whom I was blessed to sit in discourse with December to February '88/89.

Oh I had a dream the other day after a mini satori (23 Nov 08) which signaled my final processing/forgiveness of those who betrayed Osho with the illegal acts/poisonings (I was one who "knew too much" Perth WA so was poisoned several times in May 1985).

Its been a long 23-26 years.

I've decided to write a book putting the whole experience in a positive light, as the world missed a great opportunity when it allowed the persecution of Osho.



Contact Details

PO Box 77
Nimbin NSW 2480
Ranui, Auckland
New Zealand
Mobile (Australia): +61 (0)447-467-985
Mobile (New Zealand): +64 (0)27-4467-985
email Paritosh
Michael Kidd Pastor & Lawyer (discontinued)
2006 : The Sacred Wound of Australia (Ohlah Publishing)
2007 : Beyond the Breakwater : The Journal of Dr. Michael John Kidd (Ohlah Publishing)
2012 : Tasmania: A case Study of the Language of Dispossession in 19th Century Australia
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