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(Nimrod Getter aka Nimi Getter)

on the Ranch
Tel Aviv 1975

Prabhat, born 1952, took Sannyas 1975 and spent the next ten years living in the Poona and Rajneeshpuram commune. He is a filmmaker and photographer who worked on over fifty films over the years, mostly as a gaffer.

Having been a squad commander in the Nahal Brigade he was asked to organize the Rajneeshpuram armed security force.

In a recent Haaretz interview he says, “I stood beside Osho with an Uzi. It was crazy. I understood that I had to do it, but it was hard for me. Sheela invited all the press to this training drill. I wanted to die. I was so embarrassed and it seemed so crazy and stupid to me. But it was a brilliant move. It was a very successful demonstration. It worked. After the training drill, the harassment from the people of Antelope stopped. No one dared approach us anymore with weapons.”

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