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(Nimrod Getter aka Nimi Getter)

at Surdas
Tel Aviv 1975

Prabhat, born 1952, took Sannyas 1975 and spent the next ten years living in the Poona and Rajneeshpuram commune. He is a filmmaker and photographer who worked on over fifty films over the years, mostly as a gaffer.

Having been a squad commander in the Nahal Brigade he was asked to organize the Rajneeshpuram armed security force. In a 2018 Haaretz interview he says:

"I stood beside Osho with an Uzi. It was crazy. I understood that I had to do it, but it was hard for me. Sheela invited all the press to this training drill. I wanted to die. I was so embarrassed and it seemed so crazy and stupid to me. But it was a brilliant move. It was a very successful demonstration. It worked. After the training drill, the harassment from the people of Antelope stopped. No one dared approach us anymore with weapons."

He explores the issues raised by this display of arms in the commune and in himself in greater depth in two compelling articles in Osho News, links below. Of the four people asked to set up a new armed security force, he writes:

Why us?
We had all served in armies, because in the countries where we were born this was mandatory. Bhakta in the Swiss army, Sandi in the Australian army, Bodhi in the South African army and I? I'd served in the Israeli army. It was fairly obvious that mine was the only serious army of the lot.
When I was conscripted, I was a type-cast hippy: long hair, acid, dope, revolution, demonstrations, jeans, flowers, Dylan and the Dead.

Thus was the way prepared for his part in one of the more jarring unfoldings of cognitive dissonance in the ranch's impressive collection of many such.

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