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Hello friends & lovers..

I live on a beautiful 2000 m2 hillside property overlooking a lovely beach with great waves near Máncora on the northern coast of Peru and I am intending to attract like minded, love rather than fear centered individuals. Particularly any sannyasins that are looking to participate in or creating a smallish harmonious lifestyle based environment away from the madness (?) of the first world where self sustainment rather than dependency is our mutual desire. If you might enjoy an adventure of this sort I'd love to hear from you.

I work with hypnotherapy as well as energetic cleansings and balancing, meditation camps, moon ceremonies (Mama Quilla), Despachos (payments to) Pachmama (Gaia). Also work with Huachuma (Cactus San Pedro) and Ayahuasca healings.

I am open to any and all possibilities and welcome all visitors. This is NOT a commercial enterprise!

We have fantastic surfing and kayaking and eternal sunshine + lots of love!

From my heart to yours - anand ratnesh

Contact Details

Phone: +51 73 636-485
Mobile: 99520-7357
Skype: hypnorokz
email Ratnesh