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स्वामी आनंद रुद्र

("Rudy" Vogelsang)


Hi folks,
While I was still at university, I met Osho in 1977 and then lived on and off in Sannyas communes until Osho died.
Since the early 80ies I spent most of my time programming computers.

Contact Details

PO Box 883
Fremantle WA 6959
Signal: best contact me via Signal
Facetime: works only if you have an iPhone
Mobile: +49 175-8121-569 (Germany)
email Rudra
sannyas.org - the sannyas wiki (comes back here)
sannyas.wiki (yes, this one)
osho.wiki (this one too;)
see also
Rudra on facebook
Artron Studios

  • 1st Arrival Darshan, Poona 1 (1979) ~ notice the distance... i still stink of the west ;)

  • Energy Darshan with Vivek, Poona 1 (1979)

  • Energy Darshan with Vivek, Poona 1 (1979)

  • Leaving Darshan, Poona 1 (1979) ~ i get my box ;)

  • 2nd Arrival Darshan Poona 1 (1979)

  • Energy Darshan, Poona 1 (1980) ~ this is what it looks like when Nothingness ... is all that's left ...

  • "Then remains the subtlest kind of ego -- ego number three. You start thinking that you are a soul, a self. That too is false. Look into that too! And you will be surprised that when you look into yourself, you find vast emptiness and nothing else. Even the self is not found. The guests have disappeared, and suddenly you see that even the host is no more there. The guest and the host were all ghosts; they have all disappeared. Silence remains, utter silence, no sound -- neither of the guest nor of the host. All dialogue has stopped, all turmoil disappeared. There is utter emptiness, nothingness."

    Osho, Zen The Path of Paradox Vol 3 ~ 09