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Born Oct 24, 1945, Subhuti is a former UK political reporter for the Birmingham Post who worked in the Houses of Parliament.

Beginning in 1976, Subhuti lived in Pune, working mainly in the ashram press office. During this time, he met India’s Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi, and also toured the country with the Rajneesh Theatre Group (aka Rajneesh Shakespeare Company).

In 1981, he moved to Rajneeshpuram, where he was building houses, driving trucks and founding The Rajneesh Times. He broke the news story about Osho's ever-growing collection of Rolls Royces and also met President Ronald Reagan in the White House**.

The following year he married Ma Amrita Pritam.

Subhuti returned to India in 1987 and lived in the ashram until 1990. He now lives mainly in Europe, but visits India every year "to pay homage to the country he loves".

Contact Details

Subhuti Anand

2011 : My Dance with a Madman
2012 : Lady Gaga, This Is Osho
2013 : The Last White Man (a novel)
2014 : The Pune Diaries: A Love Affair with India
2016 : When Shakespeare Lost the Plot
2019 : Wild Wild Guru
2024 : India's Misfit Mystic
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