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(Drs. Martin Schoenmakers)

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The Netherlands
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A quote from The Revolution, ch. 9

A man came to Baba Farid; Farid was a Sufi mystic. The man said 'I have heard that you have come to know God. I have come from far away. Tell me what God is and how God can be known.'
Farid said 'Right now I am going to the river to take my morning bath. You come along and if possible I will answer there.'
The seeker looked a little puzzled -- 'Why can't he answer it right now? Why should he answer there?' But he had heard that mystics are eccentric people: 'Maybe some idea of this madman...' He followed.
Farid told him 'You also throw off your clothes, be naked and come into the river. Perhaps then I can answer.' The man thought 'This is going too far: "Throw off your clothes"?' But there was nobody else on the riverbank, so he said 'Why not?' He threw off the clothes and jumped into the river.
Farid was a very strong man. He jumped upon the seeker and started drowning him in the river and pushed him hard. The seeker was a very thin and weak man -- must have been a philosopher, must have been thinking too much, must not have cared about the body -- and Farid was killing him, murdering him. But only for one minute, and the weak and thin man threw Farid away. He tried so hard to come up that Farid could not hold him any longer.
Then they faced each other. The man could not understand. He said 'It is my own fault that I followed you; I should have been a little more intelligent. You are a madman! What were you doing? You were murdering me!'
Farid said 'These things later on. First I want to ask one thing: how many thoughts did you have while I was pulling you down into the water?'
He said 'Thoughts? There was only one thought, and that too was not a thought: "How can I get out?" And that too was not a thought -- it penetrated my whole being, it saturated my whole being, it permeated every cell of my body. It was not a thought.'
Farid said 'That you have understood. When you desire God so passionately, you will know -- not before that.'
God is not a philosophical theory, it is an experience of intense passion.