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(Denny Yuson-Sánchez)


He was born on the 7th Dec 1938 in New York and died on the 27th Jan 2015.

Veeresh was the founder and president of the Osho Humaniversity. He was an innovative therapist and an inspiring teacher whose work touched many lives. His challenging and creative approach allowed people to move beyond self-imposed limits into a fresh understanding and grounded self-confidence.

He worked with a multi-national team of therapists at the Osho Humaniversity and lead workshops there and around the world. He created many therapeutic processes, including the AUM Meditation and other Social Meditations.

For Veeresh, the greatest human art was friendship. Because of this, he had developed a community and a therapy where friendship is the highest value. He was also a prolific painter and produced the music of Veeresh and the Humaniversity Sound.

From the age of 14 to 28, he was a heroin addict. After many unsuccessful treatments, he joined Phoenix House, an innovative drug rehabilitation program in 1967. There he overcame his addiction and subsequently trained in addiction therapy. In 1970 he was invited to London to establish and run the first Phoenix House outside the United States. He became a successful therapist and began to lead personal growth workshops for the public.

In 1974, he met Osho and took sannyas. The next year he was invited by the Dutch government to direct a training program for addiction therapists in The Hague.

Through his connection to Osho he was inspired to bring his work to more people and train the best therapists in the world. In order to do this, he founded in 1978 what is now known as the Osho Humaniversity, an independent, residential personal development and training institute on the North Sea coast of the Netherlands.

Veeresh trained hundreds of therapists and affected thousands of people through his work, always guided by the principle that 'Love is Always the Answer'.

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