Sw Ananda Vitaraga

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Vitaraga far left standing

(Dr Ram Chandra Prasad aka Professor Dr. Ramchandra Prasad)


Vitaraga (possibly also known under a different transliteration) was better known by his birth name. He was a friend of Osho's in the 60s and became a professor of English and head of the dept at Patna University, where he taught for over thirty years. He hosted Osho whenever he came to Patna and wrote what appears to be the first book about Osho in 1969, and translated it in 1970. He left his body in 2011.

1969 Acharya Rajneesh: Samanvaya, Vishleshan Tatha Samsiddhi (आचार्य रजनीश: समन्वय, विश्लेषण तथा संसिद्धि)
1970 Acharya Rajneesh: The Mystic of Feeling
1971 Lifting the Veil
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