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at Osho Festival in Portugal

Anandadas is from Germany and was the long-time bass player in The Ashram Music Group. He is still around, showing up recently (2013) at Osho Festival Portugal. Music Group's discography is reproduced below, though he may not have played on all.

1978 : Colours of Creation
1979 : Morning Celebration Music
1979 : Selected Celebration Songs
1979 : 1979-07-10 Guru Purnima Darshan ~ Meditation Music
1980 : 1980-03-21 Enlightenment Day Darshan ~ Ashram Music Group
1980 : 1980-07-27 Guru Purnima Darshan
1980 : 1980-09-08 Mahaparinirvana Day
1981 : 1981-03-21 Enlightenment Day
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