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(Goncalves de Oliveira)

The AH THIS session
Tathagat & Veeresh

Tathagat left his body on 17th April 2016.

He was born in Brazil in 1940 but spent many years in India and Europe. He first came to Germany as an exchange student. He was a teacher for physical education for more than 14 years at the Gymnasium Bergheim, a high school near Cologne. He visited Rajneeshpuram during the Festivals. Tathagat was the backbone of Veeresh’s music studio at the Humaniversity and, since the early 80’s, was also involved in many different activities at the Osho Uta Centre in Cologne, as musician, body worker and Trance Dance instructor. In other locations he led meditation groups and Bossanova Combos. In no chronological order, Tathagat was also a teacher at Ko Hsuan-School in England, a dance, massage and bodywork trainer in centres related to Osho, but also in schools and universities. He was also a crew member at the Petit Prince and Zorba the Buddha bars and discos in Cologne, and in his later years he worked for the German Osho Times. Of course he was also part of the Buddha Hall musicians whenever he visited Pune.

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With Oshoba in Buddha Hall, Pune 1998