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Abadh is a UK citizen, a pensioner, having formerly worked as a school teacher, college lecturer and finally as a training manager in the National Health Service. He lives with his wife Abhi in a bungalow in a town on the south coast of England. He has an allotment on which he grows his own organic fruit and vegetables. Abadh is also a sannyasin of the Indian mystic Osho.

Abadh’s autobiographical memoirs are captured in his book ‘Travels with my Master’ which gives an insight into the spiritual connection between a seeker and the sought, a disciple and his master. In it Abadh describes a life navigating between the parallel worlds of the known as understood through Western eyes and the mystical spiritual as understood for millennia in the East.

That’s his life now, growing vegetables whilst simultaneously disappearing into the very earth he tends.

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2018 : Travels with My Master
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