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(Kamal Jit Singh)


Osho left his body on January 19, 1990. After a gap of some days, an advertisement, “Outrageous, Outspoken, Osho; Out Now on CBS” appeared in a major newspaper. This ad caught my attention and brought me close to Osho and my life changed forever.

I was in extreme distress and had exhausted all the possibilities. My mind was always captured with negative, confused, unbalanced and scattered thoughts. I would brood over petty matters for hours. I always felt as if a mountain of thoughts weighed upon my head. This was not in my control. I would not mix easily with anyone and lived in my own world. I lived a solitary life. Ultimately, this proved blissful when Osho stepped into my life.

Everyone offered me a lot of advice and suggestions. I was never interested in God which I felt imaginary. Deep down, I was always in search of real peace and inner truth. To explore these dimensions, I attended many different spiritual and religious congregations. But everywhere I found that all the gurus promoted superstitious ideas. My rational mind could not accept them and their ideas of worshipping some photo, idol or scripture. I tried yoga for some years; it certainly helped but not much. Then I consulted some psychologists but knew that they had nothing to offer except unnecessary and useless counselling. I perceived I was far wiser than them. Their tranquillisers and sedatives created a sleepy and dull state of mind to make me dependent on them. Sometimes, I also tried alcohol but its effect was just momentary relaxation and later, dizziness for hours. I read many books on theology, philosophy and biographies.

The real revolution with clarity happened when I listened to Osho’s voice that mesmerised me as if it was coming from some other world. It was ‘khumari’ (intoxication). Osho’s power of expression is great and magical, he has the courage to expose and speak against the hypocrisy of the so-called cultured society. I heard the same discourse over and over again for many days. I realised that he was the only one I had been searching for many lives. Sadly, he came into my life after he left his body. Later I started practising Osho’s most powerful and most popular meditation technique, Dynamic Meditation. It made me cool, calm, contented, tolerant and I experienced clarity of thought. Dynamic Meditation is the master’s master key to open all doors. I bought Osho’s book Meditation First and Last Freedom and read it thoroughly. This book has a detailed explanation of all the transformation and meditation techniques by Osho.

I tried my first Osho meditation in 1990 at a one-day camp at Ganga Public School, East Punjabi Bagh, Delhi. I felt the glimpses of solace and my mind was entirely refreshed with a feeling I never felt before. It was during the camp held at Ganga Public School, village Hiran Koodna, when I felt the touch of Osho’s necklace at the centre of my forehead and got it onto my neck. The first time I cried a lot and was unstoppable. My eyes were closed. I don’t know how many people embraced me lovingly. I requested to change my entire name from Kamal Jit Singh while filling the sannyas request form.

Neo-sannyas not only changed my name but my destiny too. Had Osho not come into my life I would have gone mad or might have committed suicide. It hurts me when I see that today’s many holy ‘babas’ plagiarise Osho’s sayings and never even mention his name anywhere. Osho gives us the eyes to see and the sensitivity to perceive life not as projected or fed to the mind by surroundings, while other spiritual leaders manipulate and impose their own garbage on us. After taking sannyas, life did not remain the same. Now meditation became my first preference to improve the quality of life. Day after day, I transformed. My family realised that I was not the same person, but instead of praising me, they critisised and blamed Osho for every petty matter. My relatives always consoled me saying, “At least you have accepted the Guru, it does not matter if his image is not good!” My friends laughed at me commenting that Osho was my mistake and yet my relations with them became smoother. Now I am more and more relaxed. Life has become child’s play for me. I have faced many serious situations and financial crises but I remain very stable. Since 1990, I have attended about 25-30 Osho camps in Delhi, UP, Haridwar, Haryana, Punjab, Poona and other places in India.

My anger has abated. People wonder at me and suggest that I should be angry and aggressive otherwise no one will obey me, care for me and respect me. Whenever anger mounts up, I just become alert to it and instantly it goes away. Now I am more caring and loving with everyone - my parents, children, wife and anyone who comes into my contact. My quality of life is entirely different. It is as if I have permanently come out of a dark well into the light. My relatives, friends and the people around me notice that I am very cool, calm and contented. But they always suggest that I should be stressful otherwise I can’t multiply the money. But they don’t know the quality and beauty of life which I have known.

The biggest change is that I have got the most-comfortable, conscious and proper state of mind. At work, now I take everything lightly, and stress vanishes each day. Whenever there is a discussion in my family about me and my business as a property consultant or my children, I always have a positive attitude and a feeling that my master is there to look after all these matters. This feeling has been growing deeper and stronger every day. Now I know my potential and have deep faith in existence.

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