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(Søren Kristian Larsen)

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Born in Copenhagen on Dec 29, 1951, shortly before rush hour. I guess that's why I became a new age musician. With Gemini rising and Capricorn sitting behind pulling the strings, there hasn't been much of the profound peace you'd expect to find in such a person, but as it probably is in life we are spending most of our time circulating around our longings and aspirations.

Although I've been playing the guitar since my teenage years, the music thing didn't really take off until 1989. At that time there was an outburst of creativity. Things fell into place and the CD's started to happen. Since then the music has crystalized and has become a more solid part of my life. I have a passion for blues and folk music and I guess that's where my musical roots are. For many years my suitcase has been my home. I follow the birds, I usually spend summer in Europe and in winter I go to India, which is a fantastic place. And otherwise who knows where life will take you? For sure somewhere! Maybe we will meet along the way?

Bindu left his body May 19, 2019, also in Copenhagen.

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Bindu Music
1989 : Zenrise
1990 : Hidden Harmony
1990 : Time for Living
1993 : Songs from the Beyond
1994 : Light At Heart
1994 : Deep into Jungle Territory
1995 : Musik Zum Entspannen Und Träumen
1995 : All Is One
1995 : Relax… - The Fragrance of Fønix Musik
1996 : A Touch of Scandinavia
1996 : Ambient Ibiza
1996 : Music for Sagittarius
1996 : Music for Scorpio
1997 : Desert Visions
1997 : Secret of the Wind
1997 : World of Indian Pop
1997 : Relax... Vol 2 - An Introduction to Fønix Musik
1998 : The Healing Circle
2001 : Ayurveda Buddha Lounge Vol 1
2003 : The Rhythm of Love
2006 : White Man’s Burden
2008 : Musik zum Entspannen, Vol 1
2010 : Relax 4 - The Fragrance of Fønix Musik.
2010 : Relax - The Fragrance of Fonix Music
2011 : Password
2012 : Esotrucker
2014 : Plain Tales from Poona
2016 : All is still One

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